Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why are Oil Prices So High?

This article was originally posted on my old site "Project Savior" in 2005, then reposted on in 2007. It is still relevant today 4 years later.

Why are oil prices so high? It all has to do with priorities, Sure we could have spent a few billion to develop alternative fuels, but that would cut into the 100's of billions we spend to track and arrest people who have consensual sex.

It would also take Chemists, and you need to decide which is more important allowing someone to go to college who has used pot to unwind, just because they might make our country stronger, or turning a third of our citizens into criminals for reasons that have never been explained.

And after all isn't more important to devote more time and research to come up with a drug that cures the problem of people's legs shaking and their butts falling asleep after only sitting in front of the TV for 6 straight hours. Without this vital research people would actually have to stand up and stretch their legs once in awhile. How can idea of keeping the US from turning into a third world nation compete with that.

Isn't it more important that we spend 100's millions of dollars each year to arrest people for what they watch in the privacy of their own homes, than say: Do research into nuclear reactors that have passive safeguards so they aren't dangerous?

And how can letting our economy be dependent on imports from people who want to kill us, compete with the need to harass people who are using a legal substance that has never been shown to harm anyone but the user.

And which is a better way to have energy available, spending a few billion on mass transit systems that could save 2 million barrels of oil, or spending trillions to invade a country that has never produced more than 3 million barrels of oil?

How can we afford to research more fuel efficient cars, when we need to spend billions on labeling, take to trial, and spending money to track thousands of “Sexual Predators” who’s crime was to bonk some teenager when they were barely out of their teens themselves, all because nearly 30 children are sexual abused, outside the home, every year?

It’s all a matter of choice, we could have spent the last 30 years designing and building a national infrastructure that reduced our dependency on oil, and given us a cleaner safer world. But wasn’t so much better to use our money to cultivate a culture of fear by criminalizing non-criminal behavior so the government can spend trillions on “keeping us safe” from the bogeymen that they created to keep us locked in our homes, afraid to go outside at night, afraid of each other, so they can take away our civil rights one by one.

You can see with urgent problems like these that the government needs to spend it's money on, keeping our nation secure by researching alternatives to oil has to take a back burner.


Anonymous said...

this makes no sense at all you are bunch of losers. i never want to see one of these pages again!

Project Savior said...

Then don't, you had to search for this page. Put you head back in the sand and you'll never see anything you don't agree with again.