Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nature's great sense of humor

A photo that some Republicans have been circulating shows our President's face photoshopped on an ape with the title Obama's family tree:
Naturally a lot of people are offended by this because in the 1800s and on passed World War II some people suggested blacks could be morally kept down because they weren't as evolved as whites and where closer to apes, so they didn't have to be treated as humans.

There was nothing other than racism to back up this claim that blacks were less human than whites but it still made its way into literature, even Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote it into his land that time forgot series.

This idea had finally been pushed out of the mainstream until recently fringe Republicans have been trying to bring the idea that somehow blacks were less human than whites and Asians. If they paid attention to the latest science they might not be so eager to bring this particular debunked idea back.

When it comes to Irony no one beats mother nature. Scientists have been mapping not only the human genome but the Neanderthal genome as well and made an interesting discovery, Europeans have a lot of Neanderthal DNA. Currently Whites and Asians have 2 to 4% of their DNA coming from Neanderthals and it is believed that in the past that could have been as high as 20%. All humans genetic lines except for Africans have Neanderthal genes in them.

So nature's great sense of humor turns this line of racism on its head and shows that Africans are actually MORE human than Whites and Asians. Nature always gets the last laugh.

By Darrell B. Nelson author of I KILLED THE MAN THAT WASN'T THERE

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