Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Cover Art for my ebook

I figured I'd sketch out my idea for the cover art for the book I plan on publishing as an ebook. I was going to turn it over to a professional to finish, but I have to say I think I did a good enough job to use my draft as the cover.

I was hoping to get some opinions on it. Is it ok? or am I biased because I did it?

By Darrell B. Nelson author of Invasive Thoughts


Stephanie Barr said...

I like it.

Grant Lawrence said...

It looks great!


Shakespeare said...

I think it's pretty cool. The pink spots are a bit odd, but I love the earth in the background, and the black, black space background.

Project Savior said...

Thanks everyone,
The weird landscape is because the story is set on Ceres (I know the Earth wouldn't look that big, I took artistic licence) I mentioned in the book that Ceres had the most colorful landscape in the Solar System (we won't find out until 2015) So I let my imagination run free, sort of like in the book.
BTW I'm looking for beta readers if anyone wants to read it before I have it edited for my grammar.