Monday, January 3, 2011

My Blog is two years old

Its been two years and almost 500 posts (492 to be exact) since I first started this blog. I thought it would be a good time to think back on why I started it. So I looked at some of the reviews I've gotten.

At EntreCard I got this review:

Comedy does not seem strong enough a word for, but it's all I've got in this limited English language :) I don't just chuckle, or chortle but rather feel heart burn from the laughter this site induces. While that may not sound like a desired outcome for many, remember, good comedy hurts. Come and get your hurt on at Project Savior :)”

Tax Tips for DemoRats

At BlogCatalog I've received these reviews:

greg1647 love your blog!



Petalac30 Great Blog, funny posts, love your writing style, Keep up the good work!



risomsr I love it and I hate it - great blog!



TriciaFM Fantastic blog, many secrets revealed here. Fascinating, interesting and funny.



xanderkale The best kind of funny - smart and edgy. Great work here.



WoFat Somewhere, Robert A. Heinlein is smiling.



annalefler Snappy and smart - very entertaining! Love the edge...



WARSHOCK love his articles and unique satirical writing style on diverse topics.


There seems to be a pattern, people seem to like my comedy stuff. Somehow I've gotten away from that so I thought I'd brush up on the rules of writing comedy. I looked at two of the funniest places in the media the fake news network (fox) FNN and WorldnetDaily

Rule #1: Exaggerate Everything!

From crowd sizes at Rallies to saying that Obama's trip to India cost more per day than the war in Iraq to their polls showing over 100% of those surveyed are against something, Fox's Fake News Network does a fantastic job at exaggerating anything they report on.

Rule #88: Present the Absurd as Logical

No one and I mean no one does this better than the folks over at World Net Daily, they recently ran a piece showing how Obama is a secret Native American because Obama being secretly a Kenyan is so 2010. They detail the secret plot of how Obama as leader of the country will give back America to the Native Americans so that as a secret Native American he can become leader of America. It all makes perfect sense.

Rule #348: Contradict yourself in the same sentence.

From Glenn Beck warning that if we make laws to keep companies from putting lead in our children's toys we will become like China, the country that puts lead in our children's toys, to the entire network being outraged that the “Ground Zero Mosque” was being funded by a Saudi Prince, who happened to own 7% of Fox's parent company News Corp no one contradicts themselves better than Fox news.

Rule #758: Treat the most Idiotic Person's opinion as equal to a sane and thought out opinion.

Fox News Contributer Sarah Palin attacked Michelle Obama's anti childhood obesity campaign, nuff said.

So in the future I will have to remember these 10,000 rules and treat Sarah Palin's statements as logical while making sure to ignore these rules and make fun of the idiotic rantings of Sarah Palin and the teabaggers.

By Darrell B. Nelson author of Alien Thoughts


Shakespeare said...

Thanks for your blog today! I watched a bit of Fox News earlier (I'm living in a hotel for the moment, in the conservative South), and they were trashing a Muslim leader because in his meetings he makes it clear that he believes in Islam, and has no intention of leaving his faith.

They said it was proof that this leader "was in politics to further the dominance of Islam in the world, with the ultimate goal of global Islamic supremacy."

I'd love to see how they'd react if we asked them to give up their own religious beliefs for the sake of politics.

Stephanie Barr said...

Not saying you're not funny, but I find you thought-provoking frequently. Really, that's what really impresses me.

Of course, I'm not Sarah Palin (Thank Deity of choice!)

Project Savior said...

I personally think the best type of comedy makes you stop and think about things you took for granted. Like Bill Hicks, Lewis Black, George Carlin.