Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Temper Tantrum Tuesday: The Victim

Over the weekend Jon Stewart appeared on Fox for an interview with Chris Wallace. Even after heavy editing Wallace looked ridiculous in trying to say that Fox balances out the rest of the mainstream media's “liberal bias”. His claim was that conservative views automatically get attacked.

Echoing Wallace's theme that conservative views get attacked, Rick Santorum did an interview to explain his stance on same sex marriage and he talked about how horrible it was that people have labeled him a bigot. He looks forward to a time in America when someone can be free to compare two people in a loving relationship to bestiality and not be called prejudice. To prove that he is not a bigot Santorum mentioned he has had gay people under him, and he recently went out with a gay friend and you should see the things they did together.

I feel so bad now for all the conservatives I've talked about in the past, I didn't realize they were the victims.

Just as Santorum is a victim by being called a bigot for saying same sex marriage is the same as incest, many others are victims of liberal bias.

The poor hedge fund managers who say that teachers who work at 80% of what private sector employees with the same education level earn should take huge pay cuts, so they can keep their tax cuts that allow them to pay a smaller percentage in taxes than the teachers, are the true victims. For some reason people call them greedy.

Companies that lobby to keep tax breaks for shipping American jobs overseas are victims when they are called Unamerican for doing that.

The teabaggers are victims of being called racists just because they hold up signs calling Obama a n*gger.

And of course when the Gulf of Mexico ran into British Petroleum's oil slick they were the victims of that powerful liberal bias when people saying they should look into their safety procedures.

After hearing Chris Wallace and Rick Santorum talking about how they are standing up for the victims that are being called names just because they are greedy, homophobic, bigots who scapegoat minorities so they can plunder the wealth that the United States has accumulated over centuries of hard work, I feel so bad that I might have hurt their feelings by calling them a bad name or two.

By Darrell B. Nelson author of I KILLED THE MAN THAT WASN'T THERE

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Stephanie Barr said...

This sort of bullshit is why I no longer watch TV. As long as the general public keeps buying this nonsense, I'm at a loss to see a way forward for ourselves as a nation.