Sunday, March 25, 2012

Shut-up Stupid Sunday: Government Dependency

I was shocked, shocked I say, when I heard Santorum talking about the biggest threat to our way of life. Government Dependency!

I was so horrified by this threat that I almost spilled the cup of coffee that I had made all by myself (from tap water, supplied by the city owned utility) and coffee (which I drove eight miles on the State highway to the local Walmart that receives $200,000 a year (just that one store) in Federal, State and local tax breaks) to purchase the coffee (that was brought to the store over the US Interstate Highway System from Walmart's warehouse) that got the coffee from Government owned ports, after it came from South America over shipping lines patrolled by the US Navy.

To think that I was born in Milwaukee County Hospital (owned by Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.) and educated in the public schools (paid for by a combination of local, state, and federal money) and got my higher degrees from the SUNY college system (owned by the state of New York) which I paid for (using Pell grants from the federal government) and used TAP grants (from the state government) to pay my living expenses, just to face the scruge of Government Dependency!

I was so shocked by learning about this threat I had to find out more. So I went to my iMac (built by Apple Inc. the company that took the microchip developed by NASA and used government grants and loans to start the first personal computer company) and hopped on the Internet (started by the US Military) to research this threat.

It turns out this threat has been around a long time. Over 100,000 years! It turns out that humans with their small canines and fingernails made for light scraping rather than fighting, can't win a fight with a small member of the cat family one-tenth their size. In a fiendish plot, nature made it so humans had to gang together just to survive.

It seems humans evolved with one overriding survival strategy, “e pluribus unum: From the many One.”

An individual human's very survival depends on mutual dependency. Humans evolved so we self destruct without it. Isolation is the easiest way to drive a person mad. Without contact with other humans our brains short circuit and we go insane.

This survival strategy made humans form larger and larger social groups so the many can do things that would be impossible for the one. These larger and larger societies became organized and formed Governments.

I seems that the threat of Government Dependency is a threat from within. Not only from within our borders but within every single one of our brains.

So to Santorum and all the others out there shouting about the threat of Government Dependency, I say, “Shut-up Stupid, Governments are formed by us, the people, working together to do things we can't do on our own. You can, rightly, argue whether the government is doing things in the best way to get things done, but worrying about people being dependent on the government is worrying that people are mutually dependent on each other. Yes we are mutually dependent on each other, that argument was settled by nature, over a 100,000 years ago. If you don't like the progress humanity has made over that time, there is a simple solution. Get rid of all your belongings, all made by other humans, go out in the woods and live out your remaining six months or less as an individual not dependent on anyone.”

By Darrell B. Nelson author of I KILLED THE MAN THAT WASN'T THERE


Stephanie Barr said...

Hypocrisy makes me physically ill. Isn't there something twisted in people wanting to lead government when they think it serves no purpose?

Project Savior said...

The weird thing about rebutting any of Santorum's "ideas" is I start worrying if I'm making a strawman argument. Then I go back and read what he said and realize, nope he really means what I think he means.
Seriously, how is this guy even marginally in the race?