Sunday, March 18, 2012

Shut-up Stupid Sunday: Misogynist Bastard-killers Cayman My Ass

That title probably needed some commas.

A common tactic of bullies is to attack someone and when they fight back call on all their friends to “defend” them.

If the bully picks a fight with someone too strong they quickly change targets. The purpose for these attacks is to draw attention a way from their own weaknesses.

For over forty years the parasites, who make money not producing anything just destroying anything of worth that others have built and shipping that money to the Cayman Islands, have done an excellent job of attacking groups so others will “defend” them while these parasites steal their money.

The latest target is women. When Rush Limbaugh heard that the pill cost women $3,000 a year, he confused it with the pill he needs to give to women each time he wants to have sex and was shocked at how many pills that would be.

The frothy one himself, Santorum, is taking it a step further and attacking mothers, he has said pre-natal amniocentesis is the work of Satan and wants to outlaw it. Pre-natal amniocentesis is a common test at 15 weeks to determine the health of the fetus. Sometimes this test does determine that the fetus is inviable and a risk to the mother's life and needs to be aborted. While this is determined during the legal gray area I've talked about before risking the mother's life for a fetus that will be stillborn is absurd. Even worse, there are a lot of times when the test will show the fetus is at risk and measures can be taken to save it. So Santorum wants to stop a test that allows fetuses to develop into real children.

He has also attacked Bastard children, stating if the mother can't prove who the father is she should be cut off from any public aid. The myth of a self-made person, is just that a myth. In reality a infant can't go out and hunt and gather all its food. Ricky has been listening to those idiots on TV that say they made their money without help from anyone and believes you can take a newborn and throw them out in the woods and decades later they will be a captain of industry ready to demolish companies so they can ship that money to the Cayman Islands.

Infants need their mothers support, kill the mom and you kill the kid.

Although all these attacks on women and children are merely attempts to hide the fact that the parasitic class is stealing money from the working and middle class to send to the Cayman Islands, they are still sick.

Worse, the election hasn't even started yet. The bullies will need a new target. I'm thinking it will be kittens.

So to all those people in the media who are attacking women and children, I say, “Shut-up Stupid, those women are mothers, daughters, wives. When you attack women you are attacking my family. You might live in a fantasy land where white men come into the world fully grown able to dominate the world. But in reality civilization relies on all types of people. That includes women.”

By Darrell B. Nelson author of I KILLED THE MAN THAT WASN'T THERE

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