Sunday, February 7, 2010

Don’t Let the Stupid Shut-up Sunday: Advice to Harry Reid

The more Competent Reid
In 2009 we got to witness President Obama playing a game of political chess while the Republicans were grabbing chess pieces and stuffing them up their nose.

They have used the filibuster to a ridiculous extreme to the point that Senator Richard Shelby has said that all of Obama’s nominations will be filibustered if he doesn’t get the contract to have the French build planes for the military.

The only reason the Republicans have been able to act like spoiled brats is that Senate “leader” Harry Reid allows it.

The filibuster is a stalling tactic only, when a Senator filibusters they take advantage of the rule that they can speak for an unlimited amount of time on the Senate floor, delaying a vote until they are done or 60 Senators vote to tell them to shut up.

Harry Reid has allowed the Republicans to filibuster without having them have to go through the task of speaking on the Senate floor, so it’s like playing chess with an opponent that grabs the chess pieces off the board and sticks them up their nose and calls it a legitimate move and not slapping their hand.

Harry Reid could stop their foolishness by letting them speak. When they call a filibuster make them take the Senate floor and see how long they can stand there without a break to go to the bathroom or sleep.

Start with the Obama bank tax, let’s see how long the Republicans want to stand there talking about how the Banks should be allowed to do whatever the hell they want with taxpayers money while Obama calmly campaigns across the nation about the value of competition in the banking industry. Obama might win over the Guy Fawlking Teabaggers on this issue.

After a few days of watching their poll numbers drop like a stone, the Republicans would demand that the Democrats break their filibuster.

They could move on to repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. The military is in favor of the repeal, 61% to 75% of the country is in favor of the repeal so the Republicans would look like idiots as they tried to expand on their talking points. The Republicans would stand up there talking about how repealing it would lead to Child Molesters wanting to join the Military since the Military is such a great hunting ground for picking up kids. While Obama calmly talks about Civil Rights.

After the Republicans have made complete fools of themselves on these issues bring out Healthcare Reform. Use the big guns on this topic, Lieberman and Kerry.

How many hours do you think the Republicans will sit there and listen to Lieberman talking? I’m a Democrat and during the 2000 vice-presidential debate I wanted to hear Cheney talk not because I liked his ideas but because it made Lieberman shut up.
The sound of nails on a chalkboard is preferable

The entire Senate would be on the floor in the fetal position with their hands over their ears saying, “For the love God, make it stop!”

Then have Kerry threaten to join the filibuster, when he is presenting good ideas his speeches are as exciting as watching paint dry. If allowed to ramble on freely some of the older Senators would need medical monitoring to make sure they don’t lapse into a coma.
Typical reaction to a John Kerry speech
The Republicans would be begging for the filibuster to stop.

So to Harry Reid I say, “Grow a pair of balls and Don’t let the Stupid Shut-up, let them put their stupidity on display for the whole world to see.”

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Doctor Faustroll said...

Does it bother you to make perfectly good suggestions and get no comments, except from a known terrorist with shit for brains, whose only goal in life is to bring on the bomb?

Project Savior said...

Absolutely not.
I used to type this stuff up and it sat all alone on my computer.
Any comments are more than my stuff got when no one could see it.