Friday, February 26, 2010

Fantastic Future Friday: GM has stopped giving people Hummers

Down With Tyranny has a funny bit on the Death of the Hummer. While I’m not thrilled that an American Car will no longer be made, it is nice that getting this monstrosity off the American roads will open the way for more fuel efficient cars to come onto the road.

The one major problem with getting cars made of lighter weight materials on the road is that they have to share it with these huge vehicles and the differences in weight means the smaller cars have to be engineered to be safe when the bigger car hits them.

With the death of the Hummer, a vehicle that had no reason to be on road in the first place, the weight difference are reduced and lighter weight more efficient cars can be safer on the American roads.

This will help make the concept of light-weight cars on the road be easier for Americans to embrace and lead to greater fuel savings, and that will lead to a fantastic future.

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Doctor Faustroll said...

Many years ago when I was much more humorous than I am now I got a tattoo on my schwantz after some green windowpane, lesbian twins, PBR, Fior di California, and lots of weed.

It's beginning to fade now, but occasionally I can get a Girl Scout to read it: Shorty's, it says on the first. Meat Market, on the second. The World's Greatest Sausage, Made Fresh Daily, From the Finest Ingredients, is on the third line.

This is 24 point Helvetica. I'm glad I was stoned when I did it. Must have hurt like a son of a bitch. I know I couldn't get a rod on for the first decade.