Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Writing Wednesday: Too Much Pressure

Ack!! I’m closing in on the 40,000-word mark of my latest novel. The characters are in their final stages of their transformation from being dysfunctional in their own opposite ways to being the well-rounded emotional beings that can take on the evil ones. I’ve got 4 chapters to finish this transformation or about 10,000 words then I can start the action filled finale that will be 15,000 to 20,000 words.

At the same time I need to pump up promoting my book, plant the garden, finish all the spring projects around the house and I’m being asked to put in more hours at work.

Plus, the world keeps insisting on doing things that I feel compelled to blog about.

One nice thing is writing is supposed to relieve stress.

Darrell B Nelson author of "Invasive Thoughts".


Stephanie Barr said...

I know the feeling of being stretched, stretched stretched extra thin.

Good luck to you.

Project Savior said...

I could make an off-color response to that, but I'll just say thanks for the sympathy.

Stephanie Barr said...

Shows how harried and distracted I am. That interpretation didn't even occur to me.

Maybe we all need a real vacation.

tashabud said...

There's just not enough time in a day to do everything, isn't it?

I have the same problem.