Monday, August 22, 2011

Sci Fi Poll

My last poll asked: Which do you prefer?

A tax increase on the top 1%

Free Beer

Puppy kisses.

It turns out people unanimously prefer increasing the tax rate on the top 1%, over Free Beer and Puppy Kisses. Poor Puppy.

In light of this poll and many other the Republicans want to increase the tax on the bottom 49% of Americans. How come whenever a poll shows Americans want something, Republicans do the exact opposite?

On to the next poll:

Sci Fi fans like to speculate about who would win in battles between the most powerful star ships in fiction. Enterprise vs. Battlestar Galactica, Defiant vs. Babylon Five ect. But what about the not so powerful starships? What about the one that can barely get out of their own way. So I wonder who would win in a fight?

Enterprise A:

This great starship was the last of the Constitution class of starships. Its construction ran so far over schedule that the others in the Constitution class where 30 years old and being used as training ships for Starfleet Academy. Not being up to that task it was given to James T Kirk to keep him out of trouble. Scotty pieced it together so that it had CRT Monitors (Really in 1998 it had CTRs), Crewmembers would have to put down stairs for the shuttle craft, even though all other versions of the shuttle crafts had their own retractable stairs, and little else.

Somewhere in its full 7 year history it had a total rebuild, but was still no match for a Klingon Bird of Prey.

Over thirty years being built and it was in service for seven.


The landing vehicle for Jupiter Mining Corp's RED DWARF. This one has its pros and cons. As far as technology when Kryten mentioned that a ship had, “technology far in advanced to our own.” Lister replied, “The Albanian National Washing Machine Co. has technology far in advanced to our own.”

As far as the hull it is made of the same material that the little dolls that always survives plane crashes are made of. So it is quite tough.

Tie Fighters:

In the original version of RETURN OF THE JEDI, Lando flew the Falcon through a swarm of a dozen Tie Fighters and wasn't hit by a single one. That is some bad targeting computers. In the remastered version Lucas upped it to about 100 Tie Fighters. How they all missed is baffling. They even managed to miss each other. So the Tie Fighters can miss their targets with pin point inaccuracy.

Throughout the Trilogy they proved that 100s of Tie Fighters were no match for an old broken down freighter.

So I ask:

Which Starship would win in a fight?



All the Tie Fighters

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By Darrell B. Nelson author of I KILLED THE MAN THAT WASN'T THERE

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