Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shut-up Stupid Sunday: Contraceptives

In a win for sanity, under the Affordable Health Care Act, women's basic healthcare now must be covered by their insurance, the millions without insurance are still out of luck. This includes breast exams, contraceptives, pap smears and preventive care on women's internal plumbing. There are still millions of women who this doesn't cover so volunteers, like myself, can still offer free breast exams for women that don't do them themselves.

This policy, being applied universally, will in the short term cost pennies to the insurance policy holders, not enough to pay for a separate rate increase, but save millions in the long run as health problems will be caught earlier and it will decrease abortions.

Naturally with any sane policy the totally insane people have to comment on it.

Bill O'Reilly had to hit the airwaves to say that “Women will be too drunk to use the birth control pill.” Besides showing his total ignorance as to how the birth control pill works, it also shows a little something about Bill's sex life. This might be a shocker to Bill, but women do enjoy sex when they aren't so smashed that they can't control simple motor skills. They just don't have sex when they are sober with Bill O'Reilly. I can't blame them.

Just because Bill O'Reilly has never had sex with a woman that was sober enough to know what she was doing, doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Here is another shocker for Bill, sex is a lot better for both partners when sober.

In college I much preferred girls to be sober for sex. I was one of those sneaky guys that would switch a girl's screwdriver with plain orange juice at a party, keeping them sober for fun afterwards.

So Bill you should really try sex with a sober woman, I realize you might have to pay her for it, but trust me once you try sex with a sober woman, vs one that is so out of it that they can't do anything but lie there, you will be amazed.

Another insane person to comment on this was Rep. Steve King of Iowa who believes that free contraceptives will mean the end of society as women won't voluntarily have kids. Here is a shocker for Steve King; Sometimes women want to have kids, if the time is right in their lives and they have someone with good genes that they would like to pass on. They just don't want to have kids with men that have a serious genetic defect, like stupidity. That is why Steve King has never met a woman that voluntarily wants to have his kids.

So to all the people who believe that women can't responsibly have sex and then have kids when they choose, I say, “Shut-up Stupid, letting women take charge of their bodies doesn't mean that the human race will stop reproducing because they only have kids by accident. It just means they won't pass on the stupid gene that Bill O'Reilly and Steve King seem to possess, which will be a good thing.”

By Darrell B. Nelson author of I KILLED THE MAN THAT WASN'T THERE


Stephanie Barr said...

Always good to see misogyny is alive and well. Thanks for calling them out on it.

Just so I'm clear, they're not trusting us with birth control (which men have largely - though not always - left for women to do, damn the expense) and insist on getting us pregnant against our will? Charming.

It's a wonder to me that any women are Republican until I see the caliber of women at the forefront of female Republican politics. Not exactly rocket scientists.

Project Savior said...

I just find it amazing that men will still make statements like the ones in the post and then wonder why we laugh at them.
It is really hard to take anyone who is opposed to women's healthcare seriously.