Monday, October 15, 2012

Elemental Poll

It's unanimous everyone who voted in my last poll thought I should renew the contract on my Kraken. This will give the Evil Minions something to play with, and I will enjoy the tax advantages.

So today I will RE-LEASE THE KRAKEN!

On to my next poll:

In the TV show Breaking Bad the theme for the credits is to highlight the people's names with the chemical symbols for different elements. I always wondered if they got to pick which element they would be. It would be terrible to get an element that didn't represent who you are as a person. Here are some of the more colorful elements:

Hydrogen (H): As elements go Hydrogen is kind of a slut, (Not that there is anything wrong with that as long as proper precautions are taken). Hydrogen will energetically bond with anything that isn't too Nobel for that sort of thing. It will bond individually, in pairs, or if it hooks up with Carbon it will form long chains of bonding. The other elements must get nervous when Hydrogen is around as they know it will try to bond with them. It's such a charmer that it usually does.

Helium (He): Helium is the opposite of Hydrogen. It thinks it's too Nobel to go around bonding. Helium and all it's Nobel gas friends not only don't bond, they don't even react. They are the snobs of the elements.

Carbon ( C): Carbon forms strong bonds with a lot of elements. It really likes to form long bonding chains. It uses these bonding chains to do a whole host of useful stuff.

Osmium (Os): Dense and Tough. Both the heaviest element and the one possessing the greatest compressive strength, Osmium is handy to have around in a fight.

Ununoctium (Uuo): The rebel element. It's totally unstable, lives a short but exciting life. It is a member of the Nobel Gases, but true to it's rebel nature it is a solid under normal conditions. It doesn't like to bond but that's okay as it doesn't live long enough to form a bond. It's half-life is 0.89 ms.

So which element would you like to be?

As always vote on the upper-left hand side of the page.

By Darrell B. Nelson author of I KILLED THE MAN THAT WASN'T THERE

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