Monday, July 6, 2009

I’d hate to meet the Author that wrote this

Have you ever read a creepy horror story that made you wonder what kind of person has such sick and twisted thoughts going through their heads.

That recently happened to me when Alienskins Magazine accepted my flash fiction story “A Home to Die For”. It had been awhile since I wrote it and after it was accepted I had to reread it, it’s a little creepy, basically think what Master Carpenter Norm Abrams would be like if he were also a deranged serial killer.

It’s very strange rereading your own work and getting worried about the mental state of the author, when you know the author was yourself.

I guess we all have our Dark Sides and by tapping into mine I was able to write an enjoyable little story, much better than tapping into my Dark Side and going on a tri-state murder spree.

You can read it for yourself when it comes out in the August/September 2009 Anniversary Issue of AlienSkin Magazine.

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