Friday, July 31, 2009

Clarifying Stupid

This is a clarification of a few things that Jamie Jeffords took offense to, and mentioned in his post “Are Americans Stupid?” If this is the first time reading one of his posts, please ignore the spelling and grammar mistakes, they are not typical of his normal postings. I have a feeling he responded quickly and didn’t do his normal proof checking.

In my last post “Against Stupidity, The Gods Themselves Struggle in Vain” I talked about groups that I labeled “Stupid”.

I had thought I made myself clear when wrote that, I considered these groups stupid not “in the sense of diminished mental capacity, but that they are stupid by choice.”

Reading over the responses, and my actual statement I can see I need to clarify that a bit.

I am using the term “Stupid”, for lack of a better term, for the total lack of Intellectual curiosity and the insistence to deny any and all facts that contradict their pre-conceived beliefs that these groups display.

I’d also like to clarify that even though in that post the groups I identified The Birthers, The Tea-Baggers, Intelligent Design Supporters, and Climate Change Deniers are all part of the Conservative Movement, I’ve done the same to groups that are Liberal or so Bat-Shit crazy that no one will claim them.

Anti-Vax Movement “Shut Up and Put your Mouth to Better Use”

PETA (A lot of Liberals support them without looking at what they truly stand for) “Shut Up and Put your Mouth to Better Use”

Moon Hoaxers “Celebrating 40 years of Moon Landing Conspiracies.

Global Warming Doomsayers (People that believe Global Warming will cause the planet’s temperature to rise 18 degrees in the next century ending all life on earth.) “3 of the Greatest Imaginary Threats to our Nation”

Michael Moore “A response to Michael Moore from a former Oil Man”

Carbon Credits “Fidelity Credits” I think the satire in the piece shows what I think of the Carbon Credit Idea.

Smoke NAZIS “6 Things the Smokers and Non-Smokers can Agree on.”

I do believe I’ve been fairly even handed in my making fun of the stupid from all areas of the political spectrum.

To clarify I couple of things that Jamie said about my post “Frankly, you have to have zero understanding of economics…”

I have a BA in Economics from the Nations largest University; I’ll put my Universities Accreditation up against any college or University you care to name.

As far as me being anti-religious; it is true I don’t belong to an organized religion, I’m a Unitarian, but I didn’t attack the religious beliefs of anyone.

I’m against the Creationist’s trying to impose their view on the majority who doesn’t share that view, and their attempt to undermine valid scientific research but that is not an attack on their religion.

With those clarifications out of the way I will post a lengthier posts on how 3 of the groups I mentioned are ignoring reality.

I don’t think I need to show that with the Birthers, even though they make up 30% of the Republican Party.

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