Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Responding to my comments

I love getting comments, especially from people who link to website. So when Tony commented that he liked me sharing information in my Post “Stuff I’ve missed” where I covered everything from the Falcon I space launch to Sarah Palin’s quitting as Governor of Alaska, I naturally wondered two things.

Which issue inspired the comment, and who Tony was. So I looked at the link they left. London Escorts (barely suitable for work aka: BSFW). No nudity but if you’re flying out to England with the company credit card and your boss sees you pulling up that site, accounting might take a very close look at your expense account.

The site didn’t have a picture of a Tony so I assumed it’s an alias and picked this picture to represent the mysterious Tony:

Then I got wondering which issue would Escorts in London be most concerned with?

Space Travel?

That would be interesting, SpaceX says they should be able to offer trips into Low Earth Orbit for $40 million on their Falcon 9 heavy. If I had $40 million laying around an Escort Service that would let me join the 100 mile high club would be the way to go. Sex in zero gee sound fantastic.

Community College Funding?

I suppose an English Lass might be interested in the US college funding system, if only to get a smug laugh. From what I understand, University on England is state funded with only charges for voluntary programs like gym.

Healthcare Reform

I know people in England are following our healthcare debate if only because their healthcare system is mentioned all the time in the debate.

Here is what everyone needs to know about the difference between English Healthcare and American Healthcare. The English Healthcare model is considered one of the worst nationally run Healthcare systems and it ranks nearly twenty countries ahead of us as far as service.

The English also spend a lot less per capita on healthcare than the US.

And their Auto Insurance is a lot cheaper.

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin was a savior to the Democratic Party. A key battleground demographic in the last few elections being White Woman.

Younger Woman were overwhelmingly Democratic until they had kids, then the fear mongering of the Republicans played on their protective instincts.

When Sarah Palin took the national stage no mother wanted her to be a role model for their daughter. So moms across the country turned Democratic.

However, I’m not sure that English Escorts would care that 27% of Americans like the bubble-headed twitter quitter.

Maybe they need someone to point to and say, “Hey at least I used my looks to do something better than be a national laughing stock.”

That last line is not sarcastic, any job dealing with customers is tough and I respect the work that Escorts and other women in the sex industry do.

So Tony, next time you stop by could you clear up which topic you were interested in.


vet said...

Maybe Tony is glad to hear Sarah Palin may be available for work. She demonstrably does appeal to a certain type of American male - presumably, the kind that lets political ideology overrule hormones - so she might be a valuable asset.

priyanka said...

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