Thursday, November 12, 2009

Catspiracy Purrsday: Fox news shows me my estimate of Minions was way off.

Ever since Tigger sent her evil minions to watch my house I’ve kept a close eye on them.

a mob of dozens of cats (Fox News Estimates)
I used what I thought was good a method of finding out how many of them there are. I counted them. By that method I estimated that there were 10 evil minions who watch me from my backyard.

100's of Cat Spies outside my window
But when I saw Fox’s handling of the recent Tea Party in Washington I found out this is not how to get a number for crowds.

Minion as far as the eye can see
Using a counting method similar to what I used DC Police said that roughly 4,000 people showed up.

Thousands of Minions
Fox reported that as 20,000 and showed footage of a rally that happened two months ago to back that up. Michelle Bachman (R-Crazytown) told them it was more like 40,000 and they began using that number.

So If I use this method of estimating the evil minions I have roughly 200 evil minions watching my house. (Number at the moment plus the Number two months ago X 10).

Nearly 200 Minions on my porch (M. Bachman estimate)
How will I survive with a crowd of 200 Evil Minions in my backyard?

Just a personal note: My first book “Invasive Thoughts” has been accepted so I will need to be spending some time with the copy editor and doing final revisions, at the same time my third book “The Setting Earth” is at the 49,000 word mark so I’m spending more time writing the final act, while I’m doing that I’ve got a bunch of ideas for my next book “The Pizza Diaries” that I’m talking to a director about. So I will probably not be blogging as much.
I’ll still do Shut-up Sunday since that is my most viewed, and Fantastic Future Friday as most of that research goes into my fiction, and of course I’ll keep everyone up to date on the Catspiracy, just maybe not 3 times a week.


Stephanie B said...

Congrats on the book! Good for you!

Hilarious analogy.

Honkmofo said...

Yes, congrats! I wish you all the best!

Project Savior said...

I'll let everyone know of the progress of the book as it goes through acceptance (now) to print next summer.