Saturday, November 7, 2009

Catspiracy Caturday: Building a Purrfect Winter Cat Trap

“If you know your enemy, and you know yourself victory is yours everytime.” General Zsu The art of War.

After studying the Evil Cat Minions for years, I have devised the purrfect trap.

In my observations I’ve noticed one thing that Cats find irresistible are window seats.

This minion couldn’t resist.

They also can’t resist the sun.

Minions repowering

Or my Back Porch.

Minions on Porch

So I have come up with a trap so evil that they won’t be able to resist.

An outdoor window seat in the sun next to my porch.

Cat trap

This trap should keep them mostly out of the wind and in the sun. This winter when it gets cold (here that means single digits) it should easily be 20 degrees warmer inside on sunny days. I’m sure they’d like more but the 20-degree difference will be enough to lure them in. Of course, if several cats fall into the trap it will be even warmer.

The most devious part about this trap is the cats can come and go and the most effective prison doesn’t have bars, it is formed in the prisoners mind.

The evil minions won’t even know that they are in my trap.

Update: I found a small problem with this minion trap and have made a second version that will work during snowstorms. Version 2


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Yes, Brilliant!

Rebecca said...

Ingenious! I've heard that pool cover screens are good for solar concoctions.

Thanks for visiting my cat shelter post! :D

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