Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Temper Tantrum Tuesday: A Letter to my Congressman

Dear (Insert Name From Below)

I am writing you to express my apologies, it is with sincere regrets that I must apologize for thinking you were a halfway decent human being. That was my fault and I apologize.

When I voted for you I had no illusions that you were a great reformer or that you were above making deals with the devil to get legislation passed. But I didn’t think you would condemn 44,000 people to death every year because they don’t have health insurance, so that you could take hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes, I mean campaign contributions from the Insurance Companies.

That was my mistake for thinking you might actually think several thousand peoples lives might be more valuable than a campaign contribution and I apologize for thinking that.

When I placed your campaign sticker on my car I didn’t think that you had all the answers to solve the worlds complex problems. But I thought you might give some consideration to the people of your district that are facing a 10% increase in their health insurance bills pushing them up to be the largest monthly expense that they face.

Again, my mistake for thinking you might be concerned about the problems facing your constituents and I apologize for that.

When I talked to my friends about voting for you I didn’t exaggerate what I thought you could do, but I did tell them that I thought you were a halfway decent human being. After your voting to let the insurance companies drive 1.5 million people a year out of their homes so that you can continue to receive their support I see I was wrong.

I would like to apologize for spreading the rumor that you were a halfway decent human being.

When I walked into the voting booth I didn’t think that you were above taking bribes (I mean campaign contributions from large donors) or playing politics as usual, but I did think you might have some sympathy for the hundreds of small business owners in your district that are being crushed by the ever increasing cost of healthcare for their employees. These small businesses that you are forcing to close are the backbone of the local economy and by crushing them you are insuring that your district will become poorer pushing people from your district out of the bribing business.

I feel I need to apologize for thinking you would put the campaign contributions from your own district above those of the large out of state corporations.

Finally I would like to apologize for looking at your website and seeing the American Flag behind your picture and thinking you might care about this country. Providing Health Insurance to State and Federal Employees is becoming the biggest cost that the government faces it squeezes out the monies that could go to other projects that could strengthen our nation. The healthcare bill that you voted against would reduce the federal deficit by $129 billion and ease the pressure on the State Government’s budgets. This is money that we cannot afford to waste. Without the relief to the Government’s budgets that this bill provides, we simply will not be able to fix our neglected infrastructure, send our children to college and the million other things Government does to strengthen our nation.

So I apologize for thinking you might care about our nation.

There is more that I would like to apologize for but I have to go take your bumper sticker off my car.

This is a letter I wrote to my Congressman who voted against the healthcare reform bill. If your congressman is on the list below you might consider sending the same letter to them. Cut and Paste it I don’t care.

John Adler (Insurance Industry shill-NJ)
Jason Altmire (Blue Dog-PA)
Brian Baird (WA)
John Barrow (Blue Dog-GA)
John Boccieri (OH)
Dan Boren (Blue Dog-OK)
Allen Boyd (Blue Dog-FL)
Bobby Bright (Blue Dog-AL)
Ben Chandler (Blue Dog-KY)
Travis Childers (Blue Dog-MS)
Artur Davis (AL)
Lincoln Davis (Blue Dog-TN)
Chet Edwards (TX)
Bart Gordon (Blue Dog-TN)
Parker Griffith (Blue Dog-AL)
Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (Blue Dog-SD)
Tim Holden (Blue Dog-PA)
Larry Kissell (NC)
Suzanne Kosmas (Insurance Industry shill-FL)
Frank Kratovil (Blue Dog-MD)
Dennis Kucinich (D-OH)
Betsy Markey (CO)
Jim Marshall (Blue Dog-GA)
Eric Massa (D-NY)
Jim Matheson (Blue Dog-UT)
Mike McIntyre (Blue Dog-NC)
Mike McMahon (NY)
Charlie Melancon (Blue Dog-LA)
Walt Minnick (Blue Dog-ID)
Scott Murphy (Insurance Industry shill-NY)
Glenn Nye (Blue Dog-VA)
Collin Peterson (Blue Dog-MN)
Mike Ross (Blue Dog-AR)
Heath Shuler (Blue Dog-NC)
Ike Skelton (MO)
John Tanner (Blue Dog-TN)
Gene Taylor (Blue Dog-MS)
Harry Teague (NM)

In the unlikely event that I get a response I will post it on this site.


American Idiot said...

I love it! Great letter, great post, and thank you for standing up for Americans!

I have already let my rep. know multiple times my thoughts on health care, and he, along with all those others listed, did not support it. I am hoping we can vote him out of office come next election round. We'll see!

PJ said...

that was a great letter, and i am going to borrow it. thanks for posting this. have a great day!

Honkmofo said...

Yes, this is great! Thanks!

Anne said...

I would be curious if you get a response. When I write to my congressman, I typically receive a form letter back and I am not sure they have one to address sarcasm.

Project Savior said...

I write a lot of letters, I actually find it more interesting to see who actually responds to my rantings than what they say.
I got spoiled early on, my first congressman Dave Martian NY-23 used to respond with a form letter and a hand written paragraph at the end.
He was a republican and I voted for him often. Even though I'm (shocker) a Democrat.