Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Temper Tantrum Tuesday: Republican Accomplishments for the last year.

The Republicans are a minority but they did manage get some key accomplishments this year.
They managed to block the federal government from having a Surgeon General during the Swine Flu epidemic. This is a major accomplishment, who knows how many lives could have been saved by having someone in charge of the office that oversees the federal response to Public Health Threats during an epidemic.

They managed to block the federal government from having someone in charge of the Transportation Security Agency in a decade when terrorists have been targeting planes. Then started fearmongering when a terrorist plot failed, doing his work for him. This is a double accomplishment not only did they facilitate the terrorist plots, but they had a backup plan something they didn’t have when invading Iraq and Afghanistan.

They stopped conversation on the Healthcare Plan, making sure American citizens weren’t able to have any input in it.

They have set a record for the number of filibusters used, slowing the federal government down to a crawl in a year filled with major crisis that need swift action.

They stopped legislation on climate change, forcing the EPA to step in and use much blunter tools to stop the most immediate damage to the environment.

Coming into the election year of 2010 they can boast of these great accomplishments and how if they can get just one more Senator elected they can bring the federal government to a state of total paralysis, keeping their record of having done absolutely nothing positive for America in the last 20 years.


Stephanie B said...

So, I'm not the only one who realizes that obstructionism is not an accomplishment. Especially, given the crises we're in, inherited from our sojourn with a GOP at the helm.

Doctor Osama Faustroll said...

Yeah, but they know what the American people want and don't want, and the American people apparently agree with them, according to the polls in the liberal media. What more proof do you need that you are out of touch with the mainstream? The minions are winning.

Project Savior said...

As far as polling goes 52% of fox viewers think the Republicans are doing a shitty job. The other polls have that number at 68% to 72%. polls

CastoCreations said...

Heh...this reads like a parody. Especially since the GOP is completely ineffectual and in the minority! They can't block anything. The Dems are doing a fine job screwing up the country without the GOP. The entire lot of them need to be thrown out on their bums and replaced with random people from the phone book.

askcherlock said...

Your post hit the high notes of veracity. While the GOP is not the majority, they have been very adept at screwing over the American public and the current Administration as Obama attempts to rectify the Bush era slop.

Stephanie B said...

I have to admit the Republicans have apparently been nothing but obstructive this past year. As a block. I have to admit, sadly, that CastoCreations has a point, though, in that the Democrats have not pulled together well at all.

Although it's true that they've let the very-much-the-minority Republicans stop essential steps forward, we should remember that the majority of the majority have stood up and gone to work. Unfortunately, a minority of the majority and a unified block of obstructive minority is all you need to bring things to a halt.