Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shut-up Stupid Sunday: John T Kemper III

I realize it’s tough for a politician to find a winning strategy to get voters to notice them. But one politician found a way to get my attention, but not in a good way. He locked me out of my house.

What happened was the concrete on my porch settled and rose between a quarter and a half inch this winter, just enough to keep the screen door from closing. It stayed open roughly three inches, enough to keep the rain off the front door until I got around to painting it.

Sometimes people would push it shut and the lip of the door would get stuck, but not clear the concrete. They would stop when they noticed that it would take a good amount of force at the bottom of the door to close it completely. I’d have to take a screwdriver and pry it back open. It was a pain but not too bad. I didn’t count on someone being very persistent in messing it up. That was how I found out about John T Kemper III.

When I came home from work Thursday the screen door had been pushed completely closed, with the bottom stuck behind the concrete. Someone had not only pushed at the handle to close it, but they would have needed to use their foot to apply pressure to the bottom of door to get it to close. Stuck in the door was the above pamphlet.

John T Kemper III had locked me out of my own house in his attempt to get my wife’s vote in the primary. Even worse my wife had been locked in.

Now I know that Campaign strategies embark on ways that don’t make sense at times, but locking the voters into their homes before the election is not the greatest way to get your message out. If successful that is one less voter in the election, but if the homeowner is successful in braking out of your trap they certainly won’t be voting for you.

After removing the stuck screen door (which took a while as the screws holding it are meant to be accessed when the door is open) I looked his pamphlet over and I got a glimpse at the mind that thought locking people in their houses was the way to win an election.

It was immediately clear what he thought of voters and why he thought locking them in their houses was a good idea. In his stance on the Electoral College he wrote, “Bring control back to the state. He would vote to keep in order to give each state equal voting power, not allow the states with the largest population to decide elections.”

Besides his being grammatically challenged, this shows what he thinks about voters. He doesn’t seem to believe that just because someone gets the most votes in an election that means they win. He is definitely against majority rule.

He also attacks Elvis, with this weird statement, “Make no mistake President Obama, his UNCONSTITUTIONAL Czars, Congress and our Ben ‘Vote & Hide’ Chandler are putting the reins of Socialism on America!”

I’m assuming he is talking about the republican talking point about how President Obama increased the number of Czars from Bush’s 36 positions to Obama’s 32. Earlier I covered how this is an attack on Elvis.

It is no surprise to me that John T Kemper III can’t do math, he believes locking people in their homes is a way to get them to vote for him.

One part of his pamphlet did sum up his views perfectly:

So to John “The Nutshell” Kemper III I say to you, “Shut-Up Stupid, you are grammatically and mathematically challenged and you hate Elvis. Your ideas are stupid, and you tried to lock the voter you were trying to reach in their home. I will never vote for you and I will tell everyone in the 6th district of Kentucky never to vote for you. I hope you lose the election so badly that you can’t leave your home, and then you will know what it is like to be trapped in your house, like you did to me. You’ve also got a stupid looking haircut.”

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Stephanie Barr said...

Interesting strategy. It makes as sense as all the other BS the "TRUE conservative Republicans" have been doing or, more accurately, NOT doing.