Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Temper Tantrum Tuesday: Perfect Timing

I’ve either got to rename my Tuesday post or move it to Thursday, because for the last couple of months Tuesday has been a great day for me.

This week I switched my Sunday shift with someone giving me three days off in a row, that’s nearly a vacation for me. The timing couldn’t be better as I had finished wrapping up the major plot lines in my book “The Pizza Diaries” and just needed to work on insuring good transitions and maintaining the same, “voice” throughout the novel.

Both of those things are a time consuming, but fun, part of writing. To do those I have to stop being the writer and read the book. It is time-consuming, as I have to read the book cover to cover, go back fix the awkward transitions and voice, read the book again and fix it again. I find it best to do each read in one sitting, something that would be impossible if I didn’t have the extra day off.

But now my book is done, and I added 10,000 words to it during the rewrites over the last couple days, the amount I expected. I even had time to get on my wife’s nerves. My time management skills are getting good.

So this has been a terrific Tuesday for me so far. The only thing that will make it better is if John T Kemper III gets trounced in the primary, but I’ll find that out at 7pm.

My only worry about changing the title of Tuesday’s post to terrific Tuesday is I might jinx myself into having horrible Tuesdays.

Darrell B. Nelson


Stephanie Barr said...

You know what, I'm GLAD you're having wonderful Tuesdays. Here's to having your temper tantrum trumped every week.

Project Savior said...

Thanks for the support, to make this day even better the guy who locked me out of my house only got 7% of the vote. It appears his strategy didn't work that well.

Stephanie Barr said...