Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shut-up Stupid Sunday: Timid Progressives, like me

This weekend the GOP did something it hasn’t done in a year and a half. It won an election to congress giving it a 1-7 record. This is during a time that the MSM keeps saying over and over again that it’s a great year for the Republicans to win back the house. Winning 12.5% of the elections is not really a great sign for winning back the house, but the MSM will keep with their narrative all the way to November.

They will also keep reporting on the media creation of the “Tea Party”. The “Tea Party” is any fat, bald guy who can dress in stars and stripes and talk to the camera. They get highly rewarded for doing this and then the media pretends that that person has friends.

The most clear example of the “power” of the tea party was when over 75,000 gays and lesbians marched on Washington and Fox gave 3 times the air coverage to a “tea party” protest where no one showed up. 75,000 on one side 0 on the other.

This narrative on the Corporate News isn’t to try and make the Republicans win, in fact it has them running scared of the imaginary tea partiers with their 0-11 record of winning elections. Republicans (on the whole) tend to be more afraid of imaginary threats than real ones; they are driving the minorities and any one sane out of the party.

The idea behind Corporate News making this narrative is to put the uppity progressives (like me) in their place. The Democratic Party is made up of two fractions right now, Progressives and Blue Dogs, the Blue Dogs hold the saner views of the Republican party and in their core believe in the principle “Business over People”.

These Blue Dogs are currently running the country because the Progressives have to compromise with them in order to get anything done.

Normally they would be rooted out of the party in the mid-terms because if you have to choose between two Republicans you might as well pick the one that calls themselves a Republican.

But with the Corporate Media showing crazies on the news constantly, progressives will hold their nose and vote for the Blue Dog rather than the totally insane Republican.

The strategy has been working as Progressives like myself have spent time laughing at the Teabaggers rather than trying to move my blue dog congresscritter to the left.

So to myself and all other timid Progressives who have been listening to the corporate media spin of this election I say, “Shut-up Stupid, the 12.5% victory rate of the Republicans is a better indication of their status than the corporate news narrative, vote out the damn Blue Dogs so a Progressive can take their place. The howling mad tea partiers are no threat just a distraction.”


Grant Lawrence said...


I would also say it is better if the progressives go down taking a stand since then we can have a real opposition.

The problem is that when the progressives fold to Corporate Democrats then you have no real opposition and we get the things we see with Obama. At least with Bush, we had some sort of opposition that was building.

Obama wars, the further dismantling of Public Education, More Bankster Bailouts, a coup in Central America, More Drill baby Drill with no real regulation or safety measures.

The list goes on and on.

Project Savior said...

This post was going to be longer but I got called in to work halfway through writing it. What really got me thinking about it was how the progressives are compromising with the Corporate Dems when there is no political reason. The Senate quickly passed Finance Reform when it became obvious that stronger amendments could be added on and would pass the vote. Obama selected Kagan who would get approved under a Republican Senate. The list goes on. I haven't been writing about them just making fun of the teabaggers who are just a media creation to draw attention away from the Corporate Democrats (bad me).