Monday, June 7, 2010

Free Marketing Thursday: Calling all Writers

As I’ve been exploring book marketing ideas on this blog, it occurred to me that the more times a books title and authors name show up on the web the more people will see it. I call this the “No Duh” theory of marketing.

So to help with the “No Duh” theory of marketing I had an idea, if any reader of this blog has a book (online, in print, as a pdf that they give to whomever asks) or if they are looking for an agent for their book, or if they have an idea in their head for a book and want to see what their press release would look like on a web page, just put your press release in the comments and on Thursday’s I will post it here on Project Savior, thereby giving it another listing.

I’m personally not picky about format, however any professional searching for your book might be so here is the format I’d like to see.

[Title] by [Author’s Name] ([Publishers Name, Price]): [Author’s Name, few words to describe the author] writes about/tells the story/envisions [one sentence description of the work]. [link to website]

Here is some tips on the the one sentence description

This formatting rule is made to be broken, so feel free to do so. If you do please be concise, and professional because if this works like I think it will when it shows up on search engines the whole one paragraph description will show up giving people an idea about your book.

This is a chance for a little free advertisement for your book.

By Darrell B. Nelson author of Invasive Thoughts


LM Preston said...

LM Preston is having a Virtual Book Launch and here is a Press Release about THE PACK,

Skye Savoy said...

Author Skye Savoy Announces Release of “Finding Her Perfect Master” Through Eternal Press

Jackson, MS – Normally, genies grant wishes but, in Skye Savoy’s debut paranormal romance, Cala Lowery, a 310-year-old half-blood jinn needs a few granted herself. If she doesn’t find a new master before the Queen of the Jinn finds her, she'll be auctioned off on eBay... again.
Cursed by the Queen for supposedly flirting with the King, Cala’s auctioned off to the highest bidder on eBay. Her luck fails again when her master trades her in. She’s thrust into the world of humans with dwindling magical abilities which often misfire. Cala begins a desperate search for a new master to regain her powers and avoid being listed on eBay for a second humiliating time.
Her new job as an Entertainment editor and mystery e-dater for a newspaper’s online dating site brings in plenty of candidates, gives her a taste of independence and reunites her with the victim of her one-time one-night-stand, Lee.
Lee forgives Cala for an incident with a leaky pepper spray can during their first meeting. Their relationship skyrockets until Cala finds herself struggling to keep her career and potential new master when someone tries to sabotage her column and expose her identity to Lee, who happens to have a secret identity himself.
Originally from Pensacola, FL, Skye Savoy is a playwright and hospital marketing director in Jackson, MS.
“Finding Her Perfect Master” is a magic carpet ride with enough passion and comedy to keep the reader soaring.
Coffee Time Romance gives Finding Her Perfect Master “4 Cups.” A Reviewer says: "A fun story riddled with misadventure after misadventure, Cala is a wisecracking modern genie who is easy to relate to. Lee is torn between rescuing her and washing his hands of the whole mess, but at the same time drawn to her with a need he cannot explain. As hot as a genie’s blood, this book was a wild ride from start to finish, while being hilarious from page one."
Siren Book Reviews gives Finding Her Perfect Master “5 Siren Stones.” A Siren Book Reviewer says . . .
"Skye Savoy has created a superb story of love, life and mystery that is certain to capture the imagination of the reader and keep them hooked from beginning to end. The characters are realistic and evoke feeling of complete relation as they mutter through the turmoil of everyday life, and the unique twist and turns of being something more."
"This is a story of love, relationships, and the emotional roller coaster that accompanies both. It contains just the right amounts comedy, sex, frustration, turmoil and triumph to propel both the hero and heroin into the heart of the readers. I found myself laughing at the comical antics, and gritting my teeth at the arrogance of the unique array of characters Ms. Savoy has managed to bring together in a story that is certain to remain on my favourites list. This is easily a high recommendation read."

“Finding Her Perfect Master” is available through Eternal Press at and and For information on the author, go to
For information, contact Becky Martin at 601-507-9319

Sarah Butland said...

Thanks for the opportunity.

Sending You Sammy by Sarah Butland
published by ProSpec Industries Inc
Sells for $14.95

A fictional children's book which teaches its readers the benefits of eating healthy and leading active lives while being a book they love. Follow as Sammy, your everyday 10 year old boy, becomes a superhero named BananaBoy.