Thursday, October 21, 2010

Keep Fear Alive V

On October 30 Stephen Colbert is hold a March to Keep Fear Alive I am doing my part to help by posting motivational posters to Keep Fear Alive for the next few weeks.

And here is my rebuttal to Monday’s Restore Sanity Poster.

If you ask any politician they will tell you that some things are worth having other people die over. It would ruin their objectivity if they had to face the same perils that the people who are effected by their decisions.

Could politicians really protect the profits of pharmaceutical companies if they didn’t have free healthcare?

Could they support giving children information based on junk science if they didn’t send their kids to private schools not influenced by their decisions?

Could they declare war for no reason if the only way their kids could afford college was to enlist in the military?

There are some ideals worth having other people die for and we need to be sure that it is only the poorer half of the country that is asked to die for those ideals, not the half that makes the decisions.

By Darrell B. Nelson author of Invasive Thoughts


Stephanie Barr said...

Why not cut to the chase, death to everybody!

After all, it comes for us all.

(Actually, I don't think these people really want death to the poor; they want invisibility so no one has to pretend we have problems we haven't solved. Of course, if they really had invisibility, the non-poor would find holding on to their wealth all that much harder. How to do catch an invisible thief?"

Project Savior said...

I'll probably turn that into a short story. Thanks.