Thursday, October 28, 2010

March to Keep Fear Alive VI

This is my last March to Keep Fear Alive post as the big event is only 3 days away. I will use this opportunity to rebut my Restore Sanity post from Monday.

They are called “News Reporters” not “News Checkers” after all no one in the news checked anything GW Bush said in 2003 and other than, invading a country and spending trillions of dollars to occupy it, what bad things happened from that?

If you had fact checkers in the media, half the pundits would be out of work. After all how can you have a pundit on the air screaming that Obama tripled the deficit if a fact checker is just going to say he reduced it by the greatest amount in history?

If we had fact checkers in the news a lot of stories wouldn't get covered just because they were completely false, like climategate.

It would be hard to drum up fear of all Muslims if the news had a fact checker mentioning that on 9/11 mentioning the fact that over 1.5 Billion Muslims didn’t attack us on that day.

The Tea Party candidates are already attacking the media because they report what the candidate has said and place it proper context making them look like idiots. Imagine how idiotic they would look if someone checked their “facts”.

Finally if you have the media check facts, Sarah Palin would be shown to be lying about 90% of the time and would lose the momentum she hopes to gain in this mid-term election and will never have a chance of becoming President.

By Darrell B. Nelson author of Invasive Thoughts

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