Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shut-up Stupid Sunday: President Obama

The Senate had three important pieces of legislation to pass last week. Extending the Bush Tax Cuts for the middle class while letting the tax cuts for the top 2% expire, Repealing DADT, and healthcare for the 9/11 emergency responders.

All three failed. So Obama blamed the progressives.

Roughly 2/3 of Americans want the Tax cuts for millionaires to expire, ¾ want DADT repealed and as far as I can tell everyone except the 42 Republicans who voted against it want the 9/11 heroes to get medical treatment for the health problems they got from saving peoples lives that day.

I could put up the links to my pages supporting Obama in the past, but if you click on a random link on this blog you will probably find one. So I can’t be accused of not supporting him. But one thing I was waiting for was for him to stand up and fight back against the Republicans, I guess I was waiting for something that will never come.

He got angry all right, but directed that anger on us Progressives that put him into office instead of the GOP that are acting like spoiled brats.

If there ever was I time to get into a fight with the GOP it is now. An overwhelming majority of the American people want these bills to pass. But instead of taking on the GOP Obama is attacking his supporters for not voting with the minority.

President Obama: The GOP has shown that it is willing to destroy the economy in order to get a political advantage, so don’t give them one.

Instead of asking Bill Clinton to back you on your compromise, which gives the GOP everything they ask for, ask Bill to come down to Kentucky. In 2007 he was here enough to be considered a legal resident. He is the most popular politician in this state. If he were to tour Kentucky talking about how Mitch McConnell is holding the middle class hostage and voted against giving the 9/11 first responders healthcare, I sure Ms McConnell would back down.

If you need a knife to hold to Mitch’s throat here is one. Bill could move to Kentucky and run against Mitch in 2012. Bill would cream him. Mitch McConnell would do anything and I mean anything to keep that from happening.

McConnell knows he isn’t well liked here in his home state. He barely got re-elected. Bring the fight to him, have Bill campaign down here in Kentucky he couldn’t withstand that.

So Obama when you attack progressives for not supporting you when you give the GOP more than they could ever get under George W Bush I say to you, “Shut-up stupid, not only are you going against the wishes of the people who put you into office. You are going against the wishes of the Majority of The American People. If ever there was a time to fight it is now. I am one of the hostages that the GOP is using. If unemployment benefits are cut I lose a lot of customers, but I will take that smaller paycheck and find a way to survive and proudly endure that sacrifice if you would fight them on these issues.”

By Darrell B. Nelson author of Invasive Thoughts

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