Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Temper Tantrum Tuesday: Robbing the Wrong People

In the last 30 years the financial world has become a global entity of its own, separate from individual nations. I’m not going into vast conspiracy and New World Order territory here, just stating facts.

In the last decades they were allowed to run amuck and no government had the power to regulate them. It all crashed in 2008 and they are robbing the “little people” to continue their unsustainable ways. In America the fed has given them 3.3 Trillion Dollars to gamble with in the hope that they won’t blow it like they did with their money before. A few (very few) reporters have asked Economists, “What happens if they do lose that money?” the answer: “Hell if I know.”

Basically the bankers have robbed the American people of 3.3 Trillion Dollars and there is no plan to get it back.

In Ireland the banks have gone to the next step of robbing the “little people” after using up Ireland’s imaginary money, they have given them the Irish Pension Fund, the equivalent to the American Social Security Trust Fund. They feel confident in stealing this as there has been no uproar in the US over the banks stealing our money and the Irish are gentle people just like Americans.

There is one slight problem with that thinking; the economies of The Republic of Ireland and the British State of Northern Ireland are intertwined. The British attacked Ireland in the 15th century and the Irish fought the occupation until reaching a peace accord in 1998. Basically the longest damn war in history.

Although the Irish Republican Army officially disbanded 4 years ago, there are still quite a few members that did take part in the conflict. They remember the tactics and organizational methods to inflict terror on the government. The bankers are softer targets than the English Soldiers that they used to target.

The Irish people have been fighting unjust rule for over 500 years and the bankers have decided these are the people that they are going to rob.

The Irish Republican Army and the American version the Molly Maguires aren’t known for playing nice. The Molly Maguires used to strike back at Industrialists who took advantage of the Irish by kidnapping their entire families. The IRA had no problems targeting the children of English Leaders who were Anti-Irish.

I don’t wish violence on anyone, I truly don’t. But at some point there has to be a toll paid for banks that act stupidly, and robbing the people of Ireland is about as stupid as you can get. The people of America might allow the bankers to rob us blind, but I really don’t see the people of Ireland rolling over and excepting this without some backlash.

By Darrell B. Nelson author of Invasive Thoughts


soubriquet said...

The IRA, or "Peatbog Mafia", were less a liberation army, more a bunch of somewhat unfocussed terrorists.
Most of their victims were irish.

Think of the hatred-fuelled war in Bosnia, think of the villages razed in Kosovo. Think of hating a person simply because of which church they attend, which team they support.
Think of a world where the women and children cheer as a group of men stamp on the head of a teenager whose only crime is that he walked down the wrong road that day.

Or think of a man who packs a car with explosives and nails, and parks it in a busy shopping street, just before christmas, when mothers push their baby-carriages, children holding hands.
Then you'll know what the IRA's about.

Project Savior said...

I want to state again that I don't condone violence or terrorism in any form. It has a tendency to quickly spiral out of control.
But the core of the IRA were incredibly effective and if I were a upper level executive in one of the banks that were bondholders of the Bank of Ireland I'd be watching my back and worrying as I sent my kids to a private school with other kids from the families of the rich who ripped of the Irish Pension Fund.
Just Saying.