Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shut-up Stupid Sunday: Money-Grubbing Cowards

I'm not naïve, I know that in a battle between the 1% and the 99%, the 1% is going to outspend the person standing up for the working people 1,000 to 1. They will do everything possible to make it an unfair battle. But at least it is a battle.

Every once in awhile the working class manages to elect someone that gives them a voice. So against the odds someone can at least say something against the money-grubbing influence. You would think that one vote against 37 members of the State Senate who are bought and paid for by the people who remove our beautiful Smokey Mountains and poison our drinking water wouldn't be a threat.

But the Kentucky state government, the Democratic House, the Republican Senate and the Democratic Governor all joined together to rid the State Senate of Kathy Stein by moving her district over an hour away from her home in Kentucky's 2nd largest city.

First off that is 90,000 people who will be represented for the next four year (when the seat comes up for election again) by someone they have never heard of who lives three hours away. Second this wasn't about her votes, 1 against 37 is no threat.

This was a move against reality. The other Senators could easily ignore reality as they stayed surrounded by lobbyists and heard only what their bosses paid them to hear, but then they had to hear that maybe poisoning our citizens wasn't such a great idea. Maybe letting companies rape our land wasn't the best thing they could do for the state.

The Democrats and Republicans alike couldn't stand voice from the working people and got together and in a blindly fast 48 hours passed a plan to get rid of her.

The moneyed elite talk about class warfare, well this is an outright assault on the working class telling them that their votes don't count.

These money-grubbing cowards know that no matter how unfairly they stack the deck by outspending on ads, using Corporate controlled media to lie to citizens, bus in uninformed people from outside the state, spread fear and hatred throughout our nation, reality will still be there. And in a democracy sometimes people will look at reality and elect someone who isn't a tool of big business. When that happens they will stop pretending we are a democracy and ignore the people's vote and get rid of the Senator they elected.

So to the money-grubbing cowards that bought our state government so they could prevent the people's voice from being heard, I say, “Shut-up Stupid, if you can't win a fight that you have made so unfair in your favor, you might want to look at what you are doing to get the people mad at you. There is only so long you can go around killing poor people and stealing from the middle class before it catches up with you. You may have removed a voice of reality from the Senate by destroying the very concept of democracy, but you haven't silenced her. You also won't silence others, Kathy Stein's district has the longest continuous protest by the Occupy Movement in the World. Those who you outraged by this action will organize, and we are coming for you.”

If you are like me, after hearing about this attack on the foundation of what made this country great, you need a hug. Here is a place you can go. The Nicest Place on the Internet

By Darrell B. Nelson author of I KILLED THE MAN THAT WASN'T THERE


Stephanie Barr said...

Am I the only one who thinks the politicians today are positively shameless, not even putting up a veneer of responsibility?

They might as well put tattoos on their forehead: "Property of XXX" given how obvious their actions are.

Project Savior said...

Nope, It is getting pretty obvious to everyone that big money controls the system. That's why people are joining the occupy movement.