Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shut-up Stupid Sunday: Anti-Uterus Movement

It's an election year and each party uses this time to focus on the theme of the election. This year's GOP theme is shaping up to be Anti-Uterus.

The message they are trying to get out is that all the woes of our country are caused by women having control of their own uterus.

Santorum has recent said that women should thank their rapists.

The GOP is outraged that insurance must cover contraceptives, giving women control of when they get pregnant. Insurance companies actually like this rule as contraceptives are cheaper than abortions. Access to contraceptives lowers the rate of abortions.

Aiming a little higher, the House Republicans tried to cut funding to places that give free breast exams. I guess they figure if you kill off the women's body it kills the uterus as well.

In the Senate Republicans are trying to cut funding to programs that aim to reduce domestic violence.

Now I personally like having women on this planet. One reason is I'm just not attracted to guys, so not having women around would really put a crimp on my sex life. Also, this will come as a shock, it turns out my Mom is a woman.

Obviously these are personal reasons, the Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell doesn't have these concerns. He was kicked out of the Army for inappropriately fondling Privates and Sea Turtles only have oviducts not a full uterus.
Mitch McConnell
There are reasons other than the personal ones listed above, why women's health should be a concern to everyone, not just straight human males.

A fact that you would never find out if you only watch Fox News, is that women have the same amount of brainpower as men.

Some women have really helped change society:

Marie Curie was a pioneer in radioactivity, without her discoveries the TSA wouldn't have the full body screens that the GOP loves.

Rachel Carson writer of “Silent Spring”, she combined the joy of nature with biology in a way that inspired a generation of people to study our ecology. (Okay, I can see where that might piss off the GOP.)

Some can be admired by the GOP:

Marie Antoinette, her name has become synonymous with ostentatious luxury by the super rich and indifference to the hardships of the poor. The very qualities that the GOP strives for.

And health issues drive many families into bankruptcy, oddly enough bankruptcy and poverty aren't a very positive influence children.

So to the Anti-Uterus crowd known as the GOP, I say, “Shut-up Stupid, those women you want to deny health coverage and think should be beaten and raped are people's moms, daughters and wives. They have brains they can make their own reproductive choices without needing a man to tell them what to do. They are proud members of our society and should be given all the rights and privileges that you want to give to Corporations.”
By Darrell B. Nelson author of I KILLED THE MAN THAT WASN'T THERE


Stephanie Barr said...

I've always wondered why people at a distance feel the need to tell me what to do. Shouldn't I decide if I can afford another kid or not? Heck, if anything, maybe they should be concerned about children in trouble now with their parents out of work.

Of course, that's not even on their radar.

So far, I've managed to balance my books and do my job effectively. Maybe they should stop trying to butt into whether or not I should have another child until they get their own damn jobs done.

Project Savior said...

Call me crazy, but for the last 50 years or so most women have had access to birth control. This women still have kids. They just do it when it is a good time in their lives to raise them.
I think they have shown that if women have control over their own bodies it doesn't cause the end of civilization.