Monday, November 5, 2012

Gift from God Poll

The poll app on my page was not working for most of the week. But two of the most important lessons from the 80s were that lip synching band “Milli Vanilli” were ahead of their time, and Axel Rose's “Jungle” was quite fattening.

Next Poll:

The holiday season is coming up and it's time to think of gifts.

Senate candidate Richard Mourdock, an Indiana Republican has said that women who get pregnant through rape should look at that as a gift from God. I'm not an expert at what women like as gifts, but I didn't think rape-babies were high on their lists.

So I was wondering:

What gifts would women like more than a rape-baby?

A flaming bag of dog poop on their porch

Having their house TP'ed

A fruit basket

Any or all of the above.

As always vote on the upper left-hand side of the page.

By Darrell B. Nelson author of I KILLED THE MAN THAT WASN'T THERE

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