Monday, November 12, 2012

Star Wars- Disney Poll

In my last poll I asked, What gifts would women like more than a rape-baby?

A flaming bag of dog poop on their porch

Having their house TP'ed

A fruit basket

Any or all of the above.

75% said that any or all of the above where preferable to a rape-baby, and 25% really like fruit baskets.

So when it comes to choosing gifts, remember if you give a woman a rape-baby it will probably be returned with the sum total of the rage of the entire human race from Adam on down, with a vow that with their last breath they shall spit at thee, from hell's heart they shall stab at thee.

Whereas, a fruit basket will likely be returned with a nice thank you card.

I'm really thinking the fruit basket is the way to go.

On to my next poll:

Disney has bought the Star Wars franchise from George Lucas. The Star Wars image and the Disney image go together so well.

Star Wars is known for it's Geek support. Funny fan movies, fan fiction, and of course, the Slave Girl Leia costumes make Comicon much better except for the cases when they make it much, much worse. (I know you've seen him.)

Disney is known for being a pit bull when it comes to protecting their image and copyrights.

How will Disney “protect” the Star Wars image?

Swat team raids on Comicon

Suing people for humming the Darth Vader theme

Arrest Pink Floyd for using the term “Dark side” in Darkside of the Moon

Put an end to NASCAR for being too much like Pod Racing.

As always vote on the left hand side the page.

By Darrell B. Nelson author of I KILLED THE MAN THAT WASN'T THERE

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