Thursday, December 10, 2009

Catspiracy Purrsday: The unstoppable weapon of mass cuteness

In researching the Catspiracy, the evil plan for cats to take over the world by cuteness. I came across this scary picture on “The Meow Diaries”.

It’s plain to see the cats have upped their cuteness assault and it would be nearly impossible to resist picking this little cuteness weapon up and giving it a big hug. Even knowing that it would surely unleash its mind control and plunder my lap in second after I picked it up, I still would be powerless to resist. An unsuspecting human would fall for this in a second.

Just a quick note on other evil minions. With the cold snap that the nation is experiencing the evil minions mind control grows stronger. It can be weakened by making sure they something to eat and clean water. On cold days the evil minions metabolism speeds up to fight the cold. If they don’t have enough food to deal with this increase they put it toward mind control. If they have a full belly they will find someplace to curl up and wait it out.

So make sure any outdoor evil minions have enough to eat and drink.


FishHawk said...

Thank you so very, very, very much for seeking to call attention to this. I have been trying to sound the alarm for quite a while now, but it would appear that no one will take me seriously. Perhaps they will listen to you. I hope so. Before it is too late. If it is not already. Woe be it unto us all if it is.

Mariuca said...

meow meow! Too cute to resist right? Thanks for the linky too, have a great day! :)