Friday, December 4, 2009

Fantastic Future Friday: Through a Mirror Darkly

We do not live in a Universe where our reality is the only one, but a Multiverse where every possible decision has been played out. While experimenting with some of the new features in HTML 6.0 I accidentally typed in -alt.dim- Fantastic Future Friday -/alt.dim- and got the post and picture of the Project Savior who is a Conservative.

If you want to see our realities Project Savior’s Fantastic Future Friday post you will have to travel to that dimension in the Multiverse.


On that fateful day 9/11 the way of life that we had enjoyed for a half century was attacked. It was an attack by shadowy enemies of freedom that were enabled by our own dependence on foreign oil. Since the 1970’s we have been sending billions of dollars to the enemies of freedom who would use our addiction to oil to fund our demise.

The biggest threat to our national security is our very own shortsighted thinking that strengthens our scary faceless enemies while weakening us in the process.

The most graphic attack was the horror of 9/11, but that was not the only attack, and it was not even the most effective attack.

The other attacks to our great nation have been the thousands of economic pinpricks that the ever-increasing cost of energy have slowly bled our strength. In the summer of 2008 as businesses needed to lay-off workers or close their doors altogether because of the high cost of fuel, that was an attack that has led to more deaths than the thousands that died on that fateful day on 9/11.

Every person who has died because they have been pushed into poverty due to the high cost of energy is a casualty in this new struggle.

Make no mistake this is a war, a war unlike any other previous war. It is a war for dominance over civilizations source of energy.

Now in this war there are many vague unnamed critics who would argue that we should take the low road. In this case the low road is very low, 2,000 feet to 2 miles down. They say we should grab the remaining oil and gas and use it up in the next 25 years before anyone else can.

I say boldly and loudly to those critics that taking the low road has never been the American way. The American way has always been to take the high road, that when faced with a challenge we don’t merely fall back on the old ideas of the past. Instead we forge new roads and conquer challenges through new innovations, surmount obstacles with the power of new ideas.

This war for control of energy, our civilizations lifeblood, will be fought on several fronts. The main artillery will be coming from the labs in universities across this country as a surge of 30,000 scientists and technicians will investigate new cheaper, more powerful, and lighter solar energy panels. To win this battle we will back up our unwavering resolve with a $3 billion a year investment.

In the beginning stages, the battlefields will in the American homes as we build and install these new more powerful solar panels to replace the energy that comes at the cost of the lives of American workers and soldiers, with heavenly power that shines down on America from the sun.

As our new smart offensive against the enemies of freedom progresses, it will move to building a new smart energy grid to reduce waste of our precious resources. New methods of mass transit will be deployed so that we can fight this enemy here so we don’t have to fight them over there.

As we gain control of more and more of the energy resources of the planet we must keep in mind the need for a permanent solution, and that’s where the final front will be fought.

The final front in this war for energy will start with a commitment to NASA in the form of a $4 billion increase in the Constellation Project. This commitment will not only allow us to return to the moon but it will give us a secure way to access space.

This commitment will include not only building the Ares family of spacecraft, but the new Maia ion propulsion transport. Named after the shyest God she will handle the heavy moving of material from Low Earth Orbit to higher orbits and even to the Moon.

She won’t be in the spotlight like her swifter siblings but she will carry out the most important step in battle to forever control America’s energy sources.

Her most important mission will be to take solar panels from Low Earth Orbit into the higher Geo-Synchronous Orbit where the sun is always shining. Once there they can beam this heavenly energy back to America to forever power our freedom loving way of life.

In this war to control the energy source for civilization, our commitment is strong and our resolution is unwavering. This is a war that not only can we win, but it is a war that we will win.

And by winning the war for energy we will lead America into a Fantastic Future.


Stephanie B said...

I may not be confident of every battle you mention, but I'm damn sure behind you on the war. This is a war that will be fought with brains and science not bullets and blood.

We are going to leave our children with quite a few messes. Everything we can accomplish to win this particular war will serve them well.

Project Savior said...

The great thing about writing in that militaristic prose is you can skip little things like details in order to put things in terms of absolutes.
It's actually really fun to write in that style.

jj-momscashblog said...

Your writings in your militaristic prose can baffle some of us, but I do hope that you are right and that it is a war that we can win. Very interesting read. jj