Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday Writing Update

As my life has gotten busier, for the better, the first casualty has to be “What we know Wednesday”. It was my least viewed series and the hardest to write. I actually had to look up all the stuff I was talking about, even the things that I was 99% sure of, it was an attempt to hold myself to a higher standard. As a result it took a lot longer to write than the “Shut-up Stupid Sunday” my most popular series. If I get more time I will bring back the “What we know Wednesday” series because even though it was time consuming I found it very rewarding to take a deeper look into topics I thought I knew a lot about.

In it’s place I’m going to keep anyone who is interested updated on my writing career.

“Invasive Thoughts” – I’ve finished the back cover and sent everything off to the publisher. It is in pre-production now, they do the final proof-reading (I’ve proof read it about 20 times and my wife has proof read it 3 times, but as anyone who has read this blog knows spelling and grammar is not my strongest attribute as a writer. So I really pity the proofreader.)

I’ve got to wait for them to finish that and the cover art. I often feel that “wait” is the worst 4-letter word in the English language.

“The Setting Earth” – My First Draft is done, I’ve got 5 things that need to be included in the early part of the book to make the ending more powerful. 4 are easy the 5th one is hard, one of the characters needs to be competent at his job, just not as good as the insecure, young tech who saves the day. So I need to flesh him out more than I did.

I was shooting for the first draft to be 65,000 words and it ended up being 65,900. Not Bad.

“The Pizza Diaries” - In the last week I wrote or rewrote 15,000 words into the book. I’m afraid this one will go in spurts as it is a collection of horror/humor stories that revolve around a Pizza Delivery Driver that runs into all sorts of unusual things. So far he has run into an incompetent Satanic Cult that wanted to use him as a sacrifice, a shopkeeper that runs an inter-dimensional dating service, an outbreak of the living dead, a shape-shifter that drains people of their blood, and a rival pizza place that is run by Aliens that use people as their source of food.

It is nice having the same main character for these short stories as when I get an idea I don’t have to build a character from scratch, but I need to make sure the story can revolve around him.

Other than that its been awhile since I’ve had a short story accepted, so I will have to check and see what stories I’ve sent out that have gone past the 3 month mark without receiving a response and submit them elsewhere. I’m always afraid I will see one that has just gone past the 3-month mark with no reply, I’ll send it to the next magazine and then it will be accepted by the first one. So far that hasn’t happened but it is one of my fears.

Legal Disclaimer:

In order to comply with the new FCC guidelines on blogs I must reveal any compensation I have received from anyone or anything I have blogged about.

This evil minion has dropped a bird, and a snake at my feet. I’m not sure if that counts as compensation but you can’t be too transparent.

This evil minion has made numerous funny faces at me that have made me laugh.

And these evil minions are just so damn cute that it has to count as compensation.

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Stephanie B said...

If you're going to have your life get busier, I can't think of a more rewarding reason (except children and evil minions).