Friday, December 11, 2009

Fantastic Future Friday: Cash for Caulkers.

The White House has taken steps in regaining the sexual innuendo war that they had been losing to the Teabaggers, the Guy Fawkeser and the Dick Meat Sandwichers (people who take the insanity of Dick Cheney, the energy of 80s rock star Meatloaf and the fiscal policy of the Earl of Sandwich) and announced the “Cash for Caulkers” Program for people who weatherize their homes.

The principal behind using your caulk to save money is very simple; you put your caulk into a hole when it is soft. It quickly hardens up filling that hole. This makes the interior of your house more pleasurable as you don’t have chilly breezes and saves you energy that would otherwise make you frustrated.

You don’t have to put your caulk into all the holes you find, only the ones that let draughts in. Although some people do put their caulk in holes that are exit only, the majority concentrate on the other holes.

You can hire someone to put caulk in your holes, but it is a job that most homeowners can do for themselves.

You can use your caulk to save money and energy this winter leading to a Fantastic Future.


Stephanie B said...

In our area, a company is recompensed by the government to evaluate and weatherize homes at no expense to the homeowner. In some areas, they'll also provide replacement lightbulbs. We used them here to deal with some very trick high up windows, but we had the lightbulb thing covered. Lee's already replacing some of the compact fluorescents with LED bulbs.

Anonymous said...

I wish Dick Cheney'd put some caulk into all HIS holes and shut the hell up. The world would be 50% greener right there!

Project Savior said...

It's a good idea despite the stupid name, I'm kicking myself for forgetting to mention that it's not the amount of caulk, it's how you use it.

Beth said...

Hmmm.. I thought we're having a global warming. Why are they worried about cold breeze in the winter?

jj-momscashblog said...

Well I will have to get some caulk & find some holes around my house. I'm sure there's got to be some around here somewhere. I hope CHeney has caulked all of the holes in his mansion... I'm sure he had someone do it for him. Thanks for the info. very useful.