Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Goals for the New Year

It’s that time to set my goals for the coming year and I figured by sharing them on this site it would give me added incentive to reach them.

First category of goals is for this site:

I’d like to double its viewership, get it up to 200 hits a day and 70 regular viewers.

To reach that goal I’ll continue to work on what’s been working, 3+ posts a week. I tried doing a post everyday for a while and it made me have to scramble to get posts up and I felt the quality suffered. At 3+ posts a week I’ve got a little more time to polish the posts but still get enough content out to keep people coming back.

My next goal is related to that:

When I started this site I made a vow that it would be self-sufficient, meaning I wouldn’t put any money into it. I also vowed I wouldn't put up any ads that were outright scams, believe it or not there are some scams on the internet. So revenue from this site has been coming solely from Google Adsense, once I get enough Adsense pennies I plan on getting Project Savior its very own domain name and everything. Which is a goal for 2010.

I haven’t made anything from Rifftracks but I keep their ad up because I loved MST3K and their Rifftracks make me laugh. If I ever get a payment from Rifftracks I’ll probably spend it on Rifftracks.

Also in 2010 I’m going to start a new monthly series: “Better Know a Gang Rape Supporter” where each month I will profile one of the nine Senators that are up for re-election and voted against the bill to hold Government Contractors liable if they enable their employees to gang rape co-workers.

I figure I’ll give them a full profile and email them and call their offices to see if I can get a statement. This series will have nothing to do with trying to increase the popularity of this site, I just feel those Senators need to be held accountable for their vote.

My next set of goals has to do with writing:

In 2008 I wrote the Novel “Invasive Thoughts”. In 2009 I wrote “Project Spare-Rib” and “The Setting Earth”. So in 2010 the natural extension is to write 3 books. I’ve got one started and the second one will be a departure for me, it will be non-fiction. I plan on greatly expanding my posts on Peak Oil and Alternative Energy and make a book out of it.

This leads to my second writing goal, I want to get another book published in 2010. It took me a year and half to get a publisher for “Invasive Thoughts” hopefully I have learned something from it and can reduce the amount of time it takes for the next one.

My third writing goal is to have at least 6 more short stories published. My success rate in getting stories published is about 1 in 4. So I’ll need to write 24 short stories to hit this goal.

My personal goals for 2010 are fairly simple:

I want to volunteer at least one day a month to charity this summer. Habitat for Humanity is building a few houses in my area and I’d like to help out.

Lose the 10 lbs I’ve gained and this time keep it off.

Do a few projects around the house to make it more energy efficient.

My last goal is probably the hardest one for me. As I mentioned in my last post I love getting comments, but coming up with a concise, related comment to put on other peoples blogs is tough for me. But I am going to try and leave good comments on the sites I visit and like. Hopefully it will encourage those bloggers to continue writing.


sandy said...

Rather long list, don't think I've ever made such a list. Hope it doesn't stress you out.

I relate to your blogging goals, except that I don't make money using adsense. I have it; but it seems like a waste of time.I've never heard of rifftracks with all that's out there to make money on blogging, I've never heard anyone refer to it before. What is it?


Project Savior said...

Mike Nelson and some others had a show called Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Comedy Central then SciFi where they took old B movies and made fun of them.
After it got canceled they started recording their stuff and you can play it over the soundtrack of the movie they are picking on.
People either think its the funniest thing ever or the stupidest thing ever. I personally think its funny, that why I have their affiliate link on my site.

Honkmofo said...

I am glad you're around, man. I read and share your blog with others and I'm happy for your success with the book.


Stephanie B said...

I wish you the absolute best with your goals. I really appreciate your help, too. I found your advice wonderfully helpful.

Thank you!

Doctor Blackjack Faustroll said...

I hope you goals don't land you in gaol. The's my One Minute Wish.

Grant Lawrence said...

Can't wait to hear of your 'project' coming in 2010.
Also, if you get a chance let me know what the benefits of the domain are? Why not just the blog?
If you can give me some info. I would appreciate it.
Happy New Year to you and the 'evil' minions.

Jennifer Becker Landsberger said...

Good luck with getting another book published. I'm still looking for an agent for my first, which I finished last year. About half-way through my second!
Anyway, great goals & good luck.

Project Savior said...

The project I'm doing in 2010 is the "Better know a Gang Rape Supporter" Series. Besides writing it, I'm going to take everything I've learned about web marketing to try and get enough people aware of how those Senators voted that they will have to answer for their vote in the 2010 election.
Politicians can do a lot of sleazy things in the name of ideology, but helping to cover up gang rapes is below anyones sense of decency and those Senators need to answer for their vote.
As to getting my own domain name, I've heard it gives you a big boost in page rank, although people are already finding me through pretty obscure keywords.

Project Savior said...

Thanks, I had to skip the agent route with "Invasive Thoughts" but some of posts on writing might help you avoid some of my mistakes.

Grant Lawrence said...

That will be a great Project for you Project Savior. To take on those low life Senators and show them for the corporate sell outs and rape supporters they are is a very worthy Project.
As far as Domain Name, I didn't know that. But I was looking at your numbers and your site is doing fantastic. But maybe the Domain could take you to the next level. But the level you are at now is terrific. But you certainly deserve it.

Project Savior said...