Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shut-up Stupid Sunday: Cramming healthcare down our throats

The latest propaganda that is being pushed in the Mainstream Media is that President Obama trying to push a Nazi, Commie, Roman (not yet, but they need a new bad guy) healthcare bill that no one wants down the throats of the American people, through the use of sneaky parliamentary tricks.

First off, the polls show that despite the healthcare industry spending over a million dollars a day on lobbying and more than that on direct attack ads, as well as the mainstream media giving much more time to opponents of healthcare reform, the public’s opinion of the need for healthcare reform hasn’t changed it remains in the high 60 to 70% in favor of reform.

As far as the public’s approval of the Senate Bill that is being debated right now, it is roughly 50-50. But most of the people who disapprove of it think it doesn’t go far enough.

Second, those sneaky parliamentary tricks were to pass the bill with a majority in the house and 60% in the Senate, and now they want it to have an up or down vote. So this sneaky parliamentary trick is to allow the vote over the objections of Senators that represent 33% of the American people. The Republicans objecting to the bill obviously feel that the framers of the Constitution never intended the people to have a greater say in government than the special interests.

Finally, as far as healthcare reform being quickly crammed down our throats, Teddy Roosevelt pushed for healthcare for all Americans, and the push continued since then and this specific bill has been debated for over a year. As far as over a hundred years of debate is “cramming something down our throats” even a bear during hibernation would be able to chew, swallow and digest it during that time.

The bottom line is at the turn of the last century it was decided that companies could no longer poison people and the federal government could oversee the production of food to insure Americans weren’t being poisoned so that companies could make a profit.

At the beginning of this century it is time to stop healthcare industries from denying basic healthcare to Americans so they aren’t being killed so that corporations can make a profit.

So to those in the media that say healthcare reform is being crammed down our throats, I say, “Shut-up Stupid, reality took a hard left hand turn while your hands were off the steering wheel.”


Stephanie Barr said...

Sing it!

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