Saturday, March 20, 2010

Texas declares War on the United States

The Texas Board of Education has proposed changing the history books to get rid of Thomas Jefferson and the separation of church and state, state that the US Government has been taken over by Godless Communists, and to show the importance of the inaugural address of Jefferson Davis on all the Presidents that followed him.

They are basically deigning the founding of the US and stating that the Confederacy Lost the Civil War. As a Kentuckian (The state where Sherman Launched his famous march) I would like to think that we razed the south better than that.

If you are wondering about the weird headlines I’ve been using this week that will be revealed tomorrow.


askcherlock said...

We have family that lives in the South. To listen to their rebel yells, you would swear there is still a civil war going on. The mindset of Southerners does seem different than those in the North. I'm not certain that will ever change.

Stephanie Barr said...

I could have sworn I left a comment earlier.

Some weeks I'm happy as anything to live in Texas. Some weeks it's more embarrassing than others. The past couple have been in the "more embarrassing" category.

Honkmofo said...

Tennessee ain't much better, but yeah, the history book thing is hard to forgive. Bless you Texans though, I know many of you. You are some good folks.

Project Savior said...

As far the whole North-South thing. Kentucky is the weirdest place to live. Half the people think KY was part of the confederacy (it wasn't) and the other half think it was like the US in WWII and stepped in when the North was down to save them.