Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Temper-Tantrum Tuesday: My saving the planet will not be shown

Ick, Yesterday I ran out of excuses for doing my part to save the planet. My house is under-insulated and I’ve known I had to get into the attic and add a layer of insulation for years. Unfortunately, insulation is about the worst DIY job next to plumbing for a homeowner.

Luckily there are a million excuses not to. If it’s too hot out working in the attic is bad. If it’s too cold opening up the attic will suck all the heat out of the house. If I’m having trouble breathing work in the attic will make it worse.

All these excuses were shot down yesterday as it was in the 50s and I finally recovered from my cold. So up to the attic I went.

I took some comfort in the fact that at least I could take some pictures of my work and share my misery on this site.

So dressed in an outfit I was sure that would take the fashion industry by storm, old stained jeans, a sweatshirt, face mask, goggles, and a baseball cap, I grabbed my camera and posed for a picture. Unfortunately, all the screen showed was a flickering black blob. So I don’t get to share my awesome outfit with everyone, or show the results of my hard work.

Still it was worth it as my heating and air-conditioning bills will be a lot lower this year. Now my house exceeds the recommended insulation value for my region with the walls being R-26 and the attic being R-43.

As a side note this is my 300th post.


Stephanie Barr said...

You're an inspiration.

Project Savior said...

Thanks, BTW I thought you were going to send me a story to read.

Stephanie Barr said...

Shoot. I thought I had.

I'm so absent-minded. Will shoot myself an email to shoot one to you tonight. Sorry.

tahtimbo said...

Great, that reminds me that I need to get up there and do the same thing. But wait a minute, I turned off a light for Earth day, so that should count for something, right?