Friday, September 3, 2010

Fantastic Future Friday: Sex

The technology of sex has only had a couple of major breakthroughs in all of human history, which is odd considering how important it is in continuing our survival as a species.

The first major technological breakthrough was during Roman Times with the invention of the condom. It was originally made from lamb intestines and changed little over the next 2000 years, until the invention of first Vulcanized rubber in the late 1800’s and then latex.

Now research is being done on new materials like miroshear that are thinner and transmit sensations better, but a condom will never be able to compete with the sensations that millions of years of evolution have worked on to make unprotected sex rock.

The next technological breakthrough came in the 1960s with the invention of the Pill. It freed couples from unwanted pregnancies but has some serious drawbacks. The early birth control pill had very high amounts of estrogen, so high workers in the factories that made them grew breasts, which in some women lead to serious mood swings. New research has lessened that but there will always be some women that can’t take them.

So what is the next breakthrough in sex technology?

Both of these methods try to work against nature, the condom stops sperm from going where it wants to go and the Pill tricks the body into thinking its pregnant. Instead of working against nature it should be possible to work with it.

Sperm has one motivation and that is to get to the egg. It does this by looking for one chemotactic molecule, a 14-amino acid peptide called resact. In the future we should be able to refine this peptide and put it in a lubricant that is mildly sticky to the surface of sperm. The sperm would think they were in heaven when they came out, believing they were right next to the egg.

They would happily swim over to the lubricant and get it stuck on their surface making them both unable to swim rapidly and confused as to where to go as they would have the peptide they are looking for all around them.

This will be an easy to use form of birth control with little side effects and that will lead to a fantastic future.

By Darrell B. Nelson author of Invasive Thoughts


The Vegetable Assassin said...

That sounds like a great idea actually. All the other methods have their drawbacks anyway. Ha, I remember taking the pill for the first time when I was about 19 and my boobs suddenly took on a whole life of their own. Not in a good way. Suddenly I was carrying two sore bowling balls around and I'm pretty certain there were a few months I didn't see my feet at ALL. It was alarming.

Then diaphragms always make me laugh because who really wants to stop in the spur of the moment and go try and stick something that looks like a UFO up one's noonie? Then have to go dig it out afterwards.

Nope, the more I think about it, your new method is sounding PERFECT.

Project Savior said...

Speaking as a guy, it's the mood swings that I had a problem with when my wife was on the pill, I didn't mind the swollen breasts.
Hard to deal with someone who wants to cuddle and a second later wants to yell at you. I'll put up with condoms to avoid that.