Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Terrific Tuesday: Ending my Summer

Labor Day marks the end of Summer, to signal the return of fall the evil minions came back. The extreme heat and humidity forced them into the line of trees behind my house and they only ventured out at night. With the cooler temperatures, only mid 80s instead of high 90s, they’ve returned.

Besides the cooler temperatures I’ve had some good luck in writing recently. I finally identified the huge structural weakness in my book THE PIZZA DIARIES and was able to get the done so it flows nicely now, I’ve just got to work on the first 500 words to set the new tone of the book and its finished for now. I’ll, hopefully, talk about that a little more tomorrow.

In the new book that I’m writing, MIND THIEF, I was struggling with a character so I tortured her quite brutally and she revealed her true self. Now I just have to go back and put that into her character in the first two thirds of the book.

An added benefit of the cooler weather, I was able to get some work done on the kitchen. It was a project I’ve put off for a few years but it should be finished this week. I’ll have pictures of it soon.

I should be able to work on some of my fall projects soon. I’ve got the plans laid out for a better version of the solar powered evil minion trap I made last year and plan on building it this month it should trap the evil minions even more effectively.

All and all my summer is ending on a high note.

By Darrell B. Nelson author of Invasive Thoughts


Stephanie Barr said...

I could have sworn I left a comment yesterday. Oh well.

I think there's something on your site that's making my computer lock up. It's trying again.

I have to say, I think you did a fantastic job this summer. Nothing like a long list of accomplishments to make yourself feel better. You done good, bud. Keep up the good work!

Project Savior said...

In my spare time (lol) I re-read your novel and have a couple ideas. I didn't want to take you away from your revision of your other one.

Stephanie Barr said...

You wouldn't be. The revision is done and the draft of the other is nearly done and would need a waiting period before I decided to try review.

I also haven't looked at your recent reworks. I will as soon as I get this draft done.