Sunday, May 13, 2012

Shut-up Stupid Sunday: Gay haters are closet homosexuals

There is an old study that surfaces on progressive web sites from time to time that “proves” people who hate gays are really closet homosexuals. The problem with this is it was a flawed study. In reality not all the haters are sexually repressed. Some of them are just assholes and some are ignorant. I bet they are glad I'm defending them.

The study was done in the 60s and monitored men, who said they were anti-gay, as they watched a gay porno. Researchers found that the subjects heart rates increased, and their scrotum hardened just like if they were aroused. However that is the same reaction that a person gets when angry.

To make the study even more flawed, it was done in the sixties. Film costs were high, $100,000 for a cheap film. Distribution was limited. Gay pornos of the time needed to all out hardcore to get guys in the theater. The subjects were showing disgust, not arousal.

Most of the gay pornos of the time only still exist in college psych departments. A recent study that used these old films “showed” self-identified bisexuals preferred straight sex. Then they looked at what they were comparing. Modern DVD's from Vivid vs. the old stock they had from the sixties. They found even gay men didn't like films of two ugly dudes humping away without even saying, “hi” to each other. Go figure.

When comparing modern gay pornos to modern straight pornos they found bisexuals had similar responses. All the old study found out was that gay films, that most gays found disgusting, were disgusting to people who are anti-gay.

Looking at speeches by Focus on the Family's Bryan Fischer saying, “Gays have an average of 500 partners... (That's an average some are slackers and only have 200, some go all out and have 800)...and have sex in public bathrooms and parks...(so do hetros)...” you have to wonder if he is giving an anti-gay speech or pitching his latest slash-fic story. I'd seriously hate to be in the front row of one of his speeches. If he gets too excited about the horrors of “the gays” it would be like a Gallagher concert. Everyone hiding behind plastic sheets.

Guys like that really do have to worry that gay marriage will threaten their straight marriage. You know this dude can't get it up unless he is complaining about all the imagined things that “the gays” are doing in the bedroom. I just really hope his wife is into slash-fic as he describes all the things “the gays” are doing while he boffs her.

But a lot of the haters aren't closeted homosexuals like Fischer or Marcus Bachmann who believes all you have to do to get rid of “the gay” is get on your knees and take the body of a man in your mouth. A lot of them are just assholes.

The same people who are bullies in school take that attitude with them into adult life. They think as long as they have someone to look down on it builds them up. They are wrong, but that's the thinking.

Most anti-gay people aren't haters at all, just ignorant. I mean that in the nicest possible way.

The same people that will vote against gay marriage have no idea that gay people don't have the minimum civil protections in this country. Most of them simply don't know that in most of the country a person can be fired or evicted from an apartment, just for being gay. That is why the gay rights movement gained ground so quickly, the majority of people didn't know this and once they started learning about it they were shocked.

So to all progressive friends who stumble on the old studies from the sixties “showing” that gay haters are repressed homosexuals, I say (with all respect), “Shut up Stupid, that study is seriously flawed. The people who publicly hate gays are a combination of sexually repressed people and assholes that want to be bullies. You aren't going to reach these people pointing out a flawed study. The vast majority of people, even those in the anti-gay movement, simply don't know that gays aren't given the minimum civil protections granted to everyone else. Once the supporters of anti-gay legislation learn about that, they stop supporting the mental cases who either read their slash-fic publicly or are just bullies. Once those people see no one stands behind them they can go get the mental health help they need.”

By Darrell B. Nelson author of I KILLED THE MAN THAT WASN'T THERE

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