Friday, March 27, 2009

3 TV and Movie Characters that really aren’t suited for their jobs.

Scriptwriters love to give their characters strange quirks and powers that make them do their jobs better than other people, the only problem is they then have to rearrange the job so it fits that characters power or quirk. In the real job the power would actually get in their way. Here are three examples:

Deanna Troi:

Power: Empathic (Ability to sense others emotions)

Job: Counselor

Why this power would make her bad at her job.

Deanna works on the starship Enterprise counseling the crew and their family members. This is a pretty cushy job as the crewmembers are supposed to be the best and the brightest in the federation. They all have had extensive psych evaluations and are pretty emotionally stable.

This stable crew leaves her time to help out by reading the emotions of stray aliens and tell Picard “I am sensing great joy and gratitude, great joy and gratitude.”

She can do her job because she is on the flagship of the federation, but what if she didn’t get that post? What if she had to start out as an intern in a federation rehab clinic, and was surrounded by individuals whose brains were undergoing withdrawal pains?

“I am sensing great joy, no deep depression, no extreme horniness, no great anger, no uncontrollable hilarity, just pick a damn emotion already!”

She would have to deal with people who have totally lost control over their emotions. The randomness of it day in and day out would overwhelm her and she would have to find a new job.

Wonder Woman

Power: Goddess

Day Job: Lt Dianna Prince of the military intelligence.

Why this power would make her bad at her job.

Two words: Security Clearances.

Although in the comic and later TV series they totally ignored the fact the Babes of Paradise Island never came in contact with the outside world since the time of the ancient Greeks they all spoke perfect English. At the very least they would have some sort of accent which might raise some intelligence officer’s eyebrow during one of the most xenophobic times in America.

Even without the accent the War Department wasn’t exactly the sort that let just anyone wander through their offices. The background checks were pretty thorough and even with divine forging skills Wonder Woman would have a tough time coming up with high school classmates for them to interview. This would launch an investigation and she would have intelligence officers watching her every move intensely. Probably quite a few would do it on a volunteer basis.

Her every move would be watched and it would be impossible for her to slip away and take off in her invisible jet.

King Kong

Power: Giant Ape

Job: Feel up Fay Ray or Jessica Lang and countless others.

Why this power made him bad at his job.

He is a big Ape. Although he did manage to get the Black South Pacific Islanders to supply him with babes, I think his being a huge ape slowed down the amount of feeling up he could do.


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