Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Attack of the Space Bats! has reported on a disturbing trend Bats are attempting to gain access to Outer Space by clinging on to the Space Shuttle.

According to NASA they have made several attempts in the past to cling to the Shuttle but always chickened out at the last minute. During the latest launch of the Shuttle one fearless Bat pioneer, NASA withheld his name so I will call him “Bat” Aldrin, clung on to the Shuttle as it lifted off, defiantly clearing the launch tower and probably riding much farther.

It is a well-known military saying “He who holds the high ground has the advantage”. For centuries Bats held the high ground as being the highest-flying mammals, until humans invented airplanes. It is obvious that Bats resent the loss of this strategic advantage and are planning on gaining it back.

The Bats will no doubt examine the details of “Bat” Aldrin’s historic flight to gather information on the Space Shuttle’s aerodynamic properties in an attempt to build their own Spaceship fleet.

We will never be able to see what the Bats are designing as they live in caves, or Evil Lairs as I like to call them. They are likely building an Evil Space Armada in these Evil Lairs as we speak.

The answer is clear we must restart the Space Race before we lose the high ground to these Avenging Astrobats.

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