Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mystery Shopper Jobs.

For a few years I worked in retail, and I would be reviewed periodically by Mystery Shoppers. This seemed like a really cool job. You go to a store and buy something and review how the store and the salespeople treated you.

Doing a quick search on the Internet showed thousands of places that said they hire Mystery Shoppers. Unfortunately some quick checking showed that most of these sites are total scams.

I checked with a number of them and I either got places that for $50 would send me a list of places that hire Mystery Shoppers (These places wouldn’t exist if they didn’t crowd out the real places) or places that wanted way to much personal information, then flooded my email with spam. I set up a separate account just for them and got over 100 emails a day.

I know that somewhere out there are legitimate Mystery Shopper Jobs, but breaking through the scams is an art within itself.

If anyone knows of a way to break through the scams please leave a comment.

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