Thursday, October 15, 2009

Catspiracy Purrsday: Blog Action Day

Investigating the Catspiracy, Tigger’s Evil Plan to rule the world, I have found the Evil Cat Minions are trying to fight Climate Change.

At first glance you would think the Evil Minions would be all for a Warmer Climate, as they like laying in the sun.

Solar Powered Minion

Solar Powered Minion 2

However, if global temperatures rise just a few degrees, sea levels will also rise leaving the Evil Minions stranded.

Stranded Minion

As the sea levels rise they will use anything they can get their paws on to use as a floatation device.

Minion using a floatation device.

Since the Catspiracy is against Global Warming, everyone can do their part and use fossil fuels with reckless abandon. Sure it will create untold devastation on human civilization, but if you hate cute and furry kittens the loss of most large cities, millions of people dieing from starvation as crops try to adjust to the new weather patterns, mass extinction of species that humans rely on to feed themselves, and many other bad things will all be worth it.

So unless you want to live in a world where cute and fuzzy kittens plunder your lap and fill you full of warm and happy thoughts, you need to do your part to insure Global Warming.

Just remember if you don’t, this could happen to you:

3 comments: said...

Certain, albeit Male furry minions, now how to pick floating devices. LOL

Anonymous said...

Gosh, what a scary world where one gets cuddled to bits by kitten-minions! Please send me there immediately! :)

Project Savior said...

That is the hell I call my backyard.