Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Temper Tantrum Tuesday: Send in the Clowns

Watching the GOP cheering when America lost chance to host the 2016 Olympics, I was sickened and repulsed. That’s when I realized that the GOP wants me (and 74% of the people) to be repulsed.

The strategy is to turn the political arena into a sick, perverted, circus (not that they had to push it very far) that makes the ordinary person say, “Ick.”

If they can succeed in making the average person tune out the political rantings they are free to screw them over.

That’s why instead of offering plans they just scream “Death Panels”, “Concentration Camps” and “Obama’s not an American”.

They know they’ll get their usual 26% of Americans to vote for them, they just have to act disgusting enough to turn off half the people from voting and they don’t need to expand their base.

Their disgusting antics are starting to work, more and more independents are starting to tune out, but to win in 2010 they’ll have to kick it up a notch. In order to win they’ll have to start screaming about “Sodomizing Kittens”.

Rush Limbaugh cheering America’s loss of the Olympic Games and Glenn Beck’s calling the President a racist through Vick’s Vaporub induced tears obviously aren’t designed to win over anyone, they are designed to repulse people. The more people are repulsed the better Republicans do in the elections.

The key to this strategy was explained to me by a very intelligent person, who told me why she was a Republican, “Democrats get your hopes up, they make you believe in a brighter future and then let you down. With Republicans you know your going to get screwed so they can’t let you down.”

It’s sort of like preferring to gang raped at a frat party as opposed to being date raped, at least with the frat boys you don’t have that sense of betrayal.

I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way but I personally feel that if I’m going to be screwed at least with the date rapist I’ll get some flowers.


Drew said...

Conservatists make me sick. I think they need drug rehab for their sick ideas about what makes America great. Why are we mudslinging eachother for the loss of the Olympic bid?

ladytruth said...

I have something for you over at my blog :)

askcherlock said...

The Right-wingers are desperately seeking Susan... B. Anthony. They are in such dire need of leadership that they were ready to take winkin', blinkin' and noddin' Palin. Golly gee, wasn't THAT a mistake! Now all they have left is their constant griping and moaning and no viable alternatives. They worship at the heels of Rush Limbaugh, an ego-bloated gas bag. If that doesn't tell us what their standard is, nothing will.