Saturday, October 24, 2009

My 200th Post

It’s my 200th post. Back when I hit the 100-post mark back in July I had planned on doing a one-year/200 post/Happy New Year post. However October 24 seems a little early to do a Happy New Years post, It looks like I posted faster than I thought I would, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to say thanks to all the people who fanned me over the last almost 11 months.

First to my frequent commenters:

Stephanie B aka: Rocket Scientist - I can always count on her to make a point I hadn’t thought of. Thanks for that.

Askcherlock - Thanks for leaving nice thoughtful comments.

Tricia - A sweetheart who is under the mind control of Tigger the leader of the Catspiracy. She is the one who first alerted me to the Catspiracy.

My friends from - This is where it all started, I was a member of the writing site and wrote over 50 articles over there as well as making some good friends. Dr Larry Mitchell was going to start the site up again, but his real life got in the way. (Damn you Real Life) He started a few blogger pages for everyone to keep in touch. I decided to start my own blog while I was waiting and that’s how this site was born.

Dr Larry Mitchell - A friend from

Grant Lawrence - A friend from who took the opportunity of shutting down to make a non-commercial blog that highlights the blogs articles of political events that don’t make it to the mainstream media.

Blankface Another friend from that started his own blog.

Ricky A. Pursley - A gifted writer I met at

Lioness - A talented poet and all around sweet person that I met at

Reilly - Another friend.


Unknowns – These are people who fanned me but I have no clue how they found me.


Omnipotent Poobah - I’ve no clue how he found me but I’m glad he did, he has an interesting blog.

Ellie Great



Reduce Footprints - Saving the world one Wednesday at a time.

Steiner Arason



B’Jue Corner - This site takes forever to load, so I don’t know how they found me. (couldn’t view the site)

Jamie Jeffords - One very confused individual, A conservative who was a Star Trek fan until he slowly realized the overwhelming theme of The Economics of Abundance is counter to the Grab a Bigger Slice of a Smaller Pie that Conservatives believe.
He’s a bigot that refuses to understand that not being a Christian isn’t the same as hating Christians.
Hopefully one of these days he’ll sort out all his conflicting personalities.

Katherine Johnson

Hugo Nahuelpan - unfortunately a brain injury prevents me from learning other languages, so I have no idea what this site is about.


Ladytruth - Don’t know how she found me but I’m glad she did, I get a kick out of her blog.

Nickie Goomba

TCW - Click to enter a universe unlike our own.


Scott - A political blog

Carmlo… Another Spanish (I think) blog.

Boatman - Nice blog about getting away from it all comfortably.

Mybloglog friends


Creative Blogger - I wrote a few guest articles for some of her old sites.


Becky C. A girl in shorts with a fun and interesting outlook on life, unfortunately her site was taken down by Blogger.



LunaticG - More than I ever wanted to know about coin collecting.

SaderMaxx - Follow the adventures of his pets.

David - Showing the Darker side of Technology.

Carl Vine - an interesting look at whatever catches his attention.

Roschelle - I go here for my dose of silliness (meant in a good way)

Lot 2 learn - Fun you can have outside.

Adnoxious - As a former Marketing Manager I totally love his sense of humor.

Man Overboard - A look at Guy stuff.

Others with no blog:

Ryamatchu – Yet another friend from

IheartStuff – A friend.

Sajjad Ali


Stiv Popetski

Traveling Cat

Greg J

Andre Heath

Brian B.

If I left anyone out it wasn’t on purpose, its just tough tracking down all the people that have come to my blog in the last year.

I want to say thanks to all of you and hope you enjoy my next 100 posts, and of course I’ll keep you all up to date about the details of the Catspiracy.

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