Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shut-up Stupid Sunday: Abstinence Education

Why does this multi-million dollar a year ($178 million in 2007) scam continue to be funded?

Every study of this program shows the same results: Kids who go through these programs have the same amount of sex as kids who don’t. If this was all that was wrong with the program then it could be argued that, “Hey, it’s just a waste of money but it makes nut balls like Sarah Palin feel good that the government is sending a message to her that her teenage daughter won’t be having sex.”

The real truth is even though these kids are having the same amount of sex as their peers, it’s just that they are taught wrong information on protection, so they are less likely to use it.

The simple truth about sex is closer to the line said by Glenn Close in Dangerous Liaisons, you’ll find that with a few simple precautions you can do it with whomever and whenever you like.

By the way I am available to give Sex Ed classes for a small fee.

The real point behind these classes is to try and take a beautiful and wonderful thing and make it seem dirty and shameful as a way to maintain control of the masses as I talked about in one of my Temper Tantrum Tuesday Posts

The reason you can’t shame a girl into not having sex is covered in another line in Dangerous Liaisons, You'll find the shame is like the pain, you only feel it once.

The reason you can't shame a guy into not having sex is shown below:

When your about to have sex, you aren’t thinking with the head on top of your shoulders you’re thinking with a different head (if you’re a male) your clit if you are female. When you’re in the heat of passion it’s damn near impossible to think about anything else. I know in my case it was tough to remember to get back to the table and throw on a condom so that other people could use the bar’s dance floor.

No matter what people are going to have sex, and no matter how hard nut balls try to make sex into a dirty thing it’s not. It is the most fun that two (or more) people can have together.

So to the people that want to continue this scam that costs millions of dollars and leads to higher rates of teenage pregnancies, I say Shut-up Stupid.

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Jen said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Abstinence education fails kids. They need to learn to protect themselves because in the heat of the moment all thought leaves the brain. Sex is not and should not be considered dirty, unless it makes it more fun.